The so called ‘appointed positions’ on the McMaster Engineering Society are a variety of positions that work with the MES Executive throughout the year in order to make everything the MES does happen. There is a wide range of appointed positions and the details of their associated policy can be found in the MES policy manual. However, a quick intro to each of the ones we are hiring right can be found below!

Application forms are due on March 22nd at 10pm and can be submitted here.

Interviews for the positions will take place on March 24th, 29th, and 30th. A timeslot can be chosen here.

The Positions

The Administrator essentially ‘takes care’ of the MES Council through organizing Council bonding events, planning and ordering MES swag, keeping the MES Office orderly, and taking notes at Council Meetings. This position is a great way to learn a little about every side of what the MES does.

The Advertising Coordinator position creates all of the graphic designs for the MES for everything from graphics for the website, event posters, and videos. If you like doing graphic design in your spare time, this position is perfect for you!

The CRO keeps us all in check! Not only does the CRO chair MES meetings, but they also coordinate our elections, and ensure our Policy Manual and Constitution are up to date!

These Coordinators maintain MES traditions, chair the Culture Committee, and run events such as Santa Hog, Academic Flush, Pi Day, and more!

These Coordinators take care of our DW Lounge found on the first floor of the Hatch building! Not only do they monitor the equipment in the lounge such as the TV, but they also suggest new assets to make the lounge more comfortable and inviting, and make sure that the lounge is kept clean!

The data coordinator is a new position this year responsible for overseeing the collection of data for the MES. They will work to collect information about the membership of the MES and will work to organize the information in a way to assist decision making of the MES council and executive teams. This may include event forms, faculty wide surveys, or other initiatives brought forward by the data coordinator.

These Coordinators run our lovely shop, the Drain! The duties include recruiting and overseeing Drain staff, developing new merchandise, organizing leather jacket sales, keeping track of the Drain’s inventory, opening and closing the Drain, and more!

The Equity and Inclusion Officer is an important MES position that looks critically at the MES’s operations and policies in order to help the Executive make them more equitable and inclusive.

These Coordinators run our Engineering Formal! This means that they plan all aspects of Fireball from the venue booking to the ticket selling and catering.

The Frequency Editor(s) write and publish our informative newspaper, the Frequency. They include articles on conferences, upcoming events, and exciting opportunities within our community.

The Handbook Editor(s) create all the content for the handbook that is handed out to First Year Students during welcome week.

The Hatch Coordinator sits on the Hatch Building Operating Committee, runs the Hatch Room Booking system, and oversees student use of the Hatch Building. This includes thinking of how the student space within Hatch, and use thereof, can be improved, keeping the Hatch Procedural Manual up to date, and running the booking for the Project Lockers.

This Coordinator maintains the MES website, MES email services, and takes care of all of the MES’s computer needs!

These Coordinators run Kipling, the Engineering Grad Formal. This means that they plan all aspects of Kipling from the venue booking to the ticket selling and catering. They also help facilitate Kipling Pranks!

The Plumbline Editor(s) look after our satirical paper, the Plumbline. This means that they write and publish the Plumbline and liaise with the editorial Committee!

The Professional Development Coordinator runs events for MES members centered on developing their preparedness for navigating the job search.

The PR Coordinators look out for the way the MES comes across to its audience. This position not only works on marketing for the MES, but also coordinates the MES’s social media and runs social media-based campaigns such as Movember and National Engineering Month.

The sports coordinator(s) organize team sports events for the MES such as the Ratboy Soccer Tournament, encourage participation in intramurals, and coordinate with other engineering schools for inter-school challenges.

This position oversees the sustainability of MES services, events, and operations and makes suggestions to the Executive, as well as other organizers, on how to improve the MES’s sustainability. This position also chairs the Sustainability Committee and works with this committee to advocate for Sustainability in the community as well as run Sustainability related events for the MES.

This position looks after the MES Trailer and ensures that it is booked out to those who need it!

These Coordinator(s) chair the Wellness Committee, plan and execute events that support student wellness and stress relief, and speak up for student wellness!