Below you will find the email contacts for all of the positions on the McMaster Engineering Society Council as well as our Anonymous Feedback Form. For position specific questions we ask that you email the current position holder, or visit them (if they are an Executive or Associate Vice President) at their designated office hours.

For general feedback of any nature you may also use the feedback form to lodge a complaint or compliment with the executive team. Contact information is appreciated when filing feedback as it helps us follow up on the situation, however it is not required.


President Liam McDermott
VP Student Life Kat Lemos
VP Academic Ian Currie
VP External Relations Melissa Cusack
VP Finance & Administration Nick Aubry

Associate Vice Presidents

AVP Events Leisha Fernando
AVP Clubs & Sponsorship Erin Nunn
AVP Services & Productions Emma Levy


Equity Officer Alexii Hernandez

Department Representatives

Chemical Cassandra Stothers
Civil Brendan Tomaiuolo
Computing & Software Alexie McDonald
Electrical & Computer Aya Aboughanem
Materials Amy Gullins
Mechanical Julian Simeonov
Mechatronics Hassan Elaghoury
Physics Desmond Kennedy
BEAMS Kaylie Lau

Program Representatives

iBiomed Konrad Grala
B-Tech Aras Siddiqui
Computer Science Natasha Varghese
First Year Yuvi Randhawa, Nicole Sutton, & Hawk Yang (Eng 1)
Terrel Marshall (iBioMed)
Patrick Wojtera (BTech)
Youssef Mikhail (Comp Sci)
Engineering and Management Brodie Bresette
Engineering and Society Andrew Aslanidis


DW Lounge Coordinator(s) Michael Maser & Jed Gonzales
Co-Orientation Coordinators Karlo Nesovic & Emma Rogers
Culture Coordinator(s) Chantal Ullyet & Jake Morton
Drain Coordinators(s) Bailey Hume & Keegan Amy
Fireball Coordinator(s) Nick Alvarez & Rachel Laurat
Information Technology Coordinator(s) David Hobson & Neet Shah
Kipling Coordinator(s) Marina Manoraj & Cynthia Pham
Trailer Maintenance Coordinator Jarod Bishop-Dove
ARC Coordinator(s) Andy Hameed, Kierra McDougall, & Mady Lockwood
Hatch Coordinator(s) Julia Bauer
Advertising Coordinator(s) Helen Zhu, Zaid Khan, & Alex Samaha
Sports Coordinator(s) Marc Godin & Jonathan Wang
Public Relations Coordinator(s) Graeme Woods & Alex Moica
Professional Development Coordinator(s) Ariana Hurley & Rachel McKenzie


Frequency Editor Chelsea Miller & Vincent Popovitch
Handbook Editor Keeran Sivanesan & Tommy Suida
Plumbline Editors M.J. Lindsay & Jackson Tarlin

Administrative Personnel

Chief Returning Officer Michael Barbosa
MacLAB Chair Nicolas Rotella
Administrator Christos Liaconis

Ontario Engineering Competition

Co-Chairs Keith Onderisin & Tommy Siuda

McMaster Engineering Competition

Chair Aya Aboughanem

Anonymous Feedback Form