MES Reimagined

Posted by Liam McDermott - President

Welcome to our new website folks. It’s crisp, up to date and a reimagined take on how the MES serves its members. Before we had a website that wasn’t up to par for our members, it was confusing to navigate and the information wasn’t updated regularly. Our IT coordinator David Hobson not only reimagined the website, he made it too. At his interview he showed off this website, he challenged what we had, set off to make something better and held himself accountable. That’s what the MES is all about this year. Challenging what we do, reimagining what we do and holding ourselves accountable by making it happen. Our members wanted a booking system, so we got a booking system (more details below). Our members wanted the Civil Structure, so we worked with the Faculty and it will be coming back at some point (by no longer than a year from now). The MES is also fundamentally changing as well. This year there will be a town hall on the MES’ long term plan so it can be a public document that reimagines the direction that the MES is taking. Since student politics has turnover every year, the MES needs a plan to keep itself on track so it can be consistent and improve. The long term plan will hopefully be that plan. To be fair though, the long term plan isn’t new per se (it was created in 2014 and reworked in 2016) but it will be new in the sense that people outside of the executive will be able to see it. Ultimately your feedback improves the MES so if you have any ideas, please reach out to us so we can reimagine the MES together! Here’s the deal with the Hatch Booking System and info on updates for the website: The website isn’t fully complete so there will be some problems as well so please send an email to if you notice any problems. There are a couple problems that we are aware of such as: not all of our services & productions are on the site (yet) and using as opposed to brings you to the old website. These problems should be fixed in the near future. As for the booking system, we’ve rushed the system a little bit since a lot of you have been asking for it. It’s perfectly usable as it currently stands but due to some unforeseen circumstances, we have to create a login system for this website so only MES members can use the booking system. This will be resolved in a couple of weeks so we just ask for your patience on this one, we’ll be sure to make an announcement when the login system is ready to go.