Image of A McMaster Engineer Award Nominations are now open!

Posted by Liam McDermott - President

The McMaster Engineering Society's Red Suits have been an integral part of our culture since the 1980's. We were not only the first student group to provide its student leaders with coveralls at McMaster, but in the country. When you look at other Engineering Schools you'll see that a lot of them have coveralls too, Carleton has its flight suits as an example. Even though we were the ones to start this, the MES hasn't kept up with the times. We are currently the only engineering school where you must be a Welcome Week Representative to earn your coveralls. The MES has not been recognising all types of student leadership. The Red Suits act as role models for our communities (municipally, provincially and federally) but not every role model has ever been a Welcome Week Representative and they shouldn't have to be. Today I am excited to announce that we have turned the old Image of an Engineer Award into the Image of a McMaster Engineer Award, which is to recognize student leaders that are full-time undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering and are in level III or above. Candidates for the Award will be nominated by an individual who can attest to the leadership experiences of their nominee by filling out the nomination form. Once the nomination form is submitted, it will be reviewed by a committee. The members of this committee will be: ➔ MES President ➔ Co-ocs (Share 1 vote) ➔ Culture Coordinators (Share 1 vote) ➔ Associate Dean, Academic (or a designate of their choice) ➔ Someone selected via blind ballot The person who is selected by a blind ballot will have their submissions reviewed by a member of the MES Executive or a designate (not the MES President) and will be chosen by them. They will not see the name of the individual and they will they will pick the application they liked the most. This person will inform the MES President and the President will contact this individual. The individual on the committee needs no prior experiences but must be a full-time ungraduated student in the Faculty of Engineering. To apply to be on this committee please apply by 23/11/2018 at 11:59PM and use this google form: Award winners will be announced at Fireball and a dinner will be provided at a later date. We expect to have 12-15 winners but that is the maximum range. People who already have Red Suits can be nominated for this award. The nomination form can be found here: The google form for nominations can be found here: