VP Communications

Posted by Liam McDermott - President

Curious about the new VP Communications position and what it means for other MES positions? Let me shed some light on the changes that are coming up! What is the VP Communications? The VP Communications position is being built out of a need for the MES to have a more centralized figure that focuses on the way that the MES brands itself, and the way that the MES communicates to its members. All too often, members, or people who hold positions within the MES are unaware of upcoming events, plan events on top of each other, do not know what services the MES offers, and more. This type of communication is crucial for the MES to have, and repeatedly the existing positions, even as committed as they are, are disjointed in their efforts. The VP Communications position will focus on marketing and advertising the MES. In its inaugural year it will involve following and reviewing the below policy, refining and defining the MES brand, and setting up a marketing strategy for MES events. The position is being run on an ‘ad hoc’ basis for the year, which means that its policy is being adapted throughout the year before being officially added into our Policy Manual and Constitution. This method allows the MES Council to observe how the new position fits within the rest of the MES dynamic, and therefore make the position into what it needs to be, without having to guess beforehand exactly how it will play out. Essentially, the VP Communications will need to see the big picture of the MES, work with people from across the organization as well as subsidiary organizations and partner organizations in the community and be able to find effective ways to convey information to MES members. What are the expectations for the VP Communications? The working policy that the VP Communications will follow is: Vice President, Communications The Vice President Communications shall: a. Liaise with faculty and university wide groups oriented around the public relations of the MES. b. Be responsible for maintaining and curating the brand of the MES. c. Create and implement a marketing strategy for MES events, in partnership with the Public Relations Coordinator(s). d. Work alongside the President, VPs, and AVPs to ensure members are well informed of the activities, events, and services of the MES. e. Work with the following positions, as well as any other members of the community to ensure the website, MES blog, MES email lists, and MES publications are effectively used as communication tools, and positively reflect the MES brand: i. Frequency Editor ii. Plumbline Editor iii. Handbook Editor iv. IT Coordinator f. Supervise the following positions: i. Advertising Coordinator(s) ii. Public Relations Coordinator(s) g. Work with the VP Student Life to ensure that events dates and timelines of the MES are: i. Internally distributed at the beginning of the academic year with minimum monthly updates. ii. Externally communicated through the MES Facebook Page and MES website to the general public. h. Work alongside the AVP Clubs and Sponsorship, and VP Student Life to help coordinate the dates of events run by MES clubs and teams. i. Actively search for more ways for the MES can market and advertise its events, services, and productions. j. Report to the President. What does this mean for other positions? Although almost all positions that run events or publish posts or articles on behalf of the MES will be affected in terms of having a centralized person to work with on this, some positions will be affected more than others. The main policy for each of these positions still applies and can be seen in the Policy Manual, but some of the changes or nuances are described below. VP Student Life: As the VP Communications will need to be well aware of all events and activities being brought forth by the MES the VP Student Life and VP Communications will need to work closely to ensure students, and members of the team, know upcoming dates well in advance! VP External: In light of the VP Communications overseeing the Public Relations Coordinator(s) the VP External will no longer have to do so. This will allow the VP External to re-focus on their connection with ECCS (Engineering Co-op and Career Services), and their work with ESSCO (Engineering Student Societies Council of Ontario) and the CFES (Canadian Federation of Engineering Students). However, VP-External will continue to work with the Public Relations Coordinator(s) to create the Conference Mail Out. AVP Events: Similar to the VP Student Life, the AVP Events will need to work closely with the VP Communications to ensure events are well advertised to the community! AVP Services & Productions: Since the VP Communications will be overseeing the MES brand, the AVP Services and Productions, as well as Editorial Committee, will need to work with the VP Communications to ensure that our publications fall within the MES Brand. AVP Services & Productions will also need to work with the VP Communications to ensure that our online publications (such as this blog) are being used effectively! The VP Communications will also need to work with the AVP Services & Productions to come up with ways to communicate to MES members, and MES subsidiaries, the assets that the MES has available for them to borrow (including our button maker, water jugs, etc.). The Advertising Coordinator(s) will also be overseen by the VP Communications, rather than the AVP Services & Productions. This will allow the AVP Services & Productions to focus on enforcing the editorial policy, managing MES assets, and leveraging our use of the MES Card. AVP Clubs & Sponsorship Due to the goal of the VP Communications to help coordinate events within our community, they will need to work with the AVP Clubs & Sponsorship to build a connection with MES clubs and teams. IT Coordinator The Information Technology Coordinator will need to work closely with the VP Communications to ensure that the website is being used effectively as a communications tool with MES members, and that its content is updated in a timely manner. Administrator The administrator works to collect and distribute internal correspondence within the MES, and will therefore work with the VP Communications on their mandate of internally distributing MES dates and timelines. Advertising Coordinator(s) This position will now be overseen by the VP Communications. They will work with the VP Communications throughout the year to ensure advertisements for MES events and services are created in a timely manner, fall within the MES brand and vision, and are available in the required formats for a variety of advertising avenues. Public Relations Coordinator(s) This position will also be overseen by the VP Communications. They will work closely with the VP Communications to implement the MES marketing strategy for the various MES events and activities! If you have any further questions please reach out to Melissa Cusack Striepe at vp.external@macengsociety.ca.