AVP Academic Resources

Posted by Liam McDermott - President

You may have heard about an AVP Academic Resource position which is new this year, here’s some more information about the changes we’re making and why! What is the situation? The MES provides a lot of resources to its members to assist in the academic challenges that come with engineering. In the last few years however, we have developed a lot of programs, and have reached a point where we lack the administrative capability to run them with the quality which the membership should expect from the MES. What are we doing about it? For the upcoming year, we are changing the way which we run the academic resources of the MES. We will be removing the three positions of academic resource coordinator, and adding one position of Associate Vice President, Academic Resources (AVP AR). The position of AVP AR is heavily based off of an amalgamation of the current Academic Resource Coordinators’ positions and will be based off of the following policy for the upcoming year. In a year’s time, the policy will be re-evaluated by the next VP Academic and they will determine the success of the position in improving the running of the academic resources of the MES. 3.4. Associate Vice President, Academic Resources The Associate Vice President of Academic Resources shall: a) Organize all academically related events of the MES including, but not limited to: i. MES test preparation sessions ii. Technical skills sessions (such as CAD, programming, etc.) b) Be responsible for maintaining all aspects of the McMaster Engineering Society Textbook Library, including: i. Actively work to procure new textbooks for the library. ii. Maintaining an updated inventory of the textbooks in the MES’ possession. iii. Coordinating with the Drain Coordinators to ensure proper instruction is given to drain employees on how to facilitate the running of the library. iv. Actively cleaning the library and ensuring it is kept organized. v. Ensuring all textbooks in library are labeled with MES logo. vi. Ensuring all textbooks are returned to the library by the end of each semester. c) Work with the VP Academic to plan ENG101 Week, the week following welcome week. d) Maintain the MES Tutoring Network and ensure it follows the expectations outlined in Section F.11 e) Chair the Academic Services Committee (See “Committees”, Section I.4.17) f) Actively seek ways to improve the academically related events and services provided by the MES. g) Reports to Vice President Academic. Why is this the solution? The challenge currently facing us is that the administrative capability of the MES’ academic resources does not match the size or importance of the services. While having three separate coordinators working in a team should be more than enough to run the services, the large team lacks structure and ends up suffering from process losses which comes as unstructured teams increase in size. Previously, the academic structures were more structured with two separate positions, however due to changes to the services, that structure is no longer applicable. In addition, previous executive teams have found the separation of the ARCs was not effective either. Moving the positions into one AVP position allows the MES’ academic services to have one designated point of contact who will have direct control over how the services run, and will allow your academic services to take a higher degree of importance in the MES. It will also allow this position to be a larger position which takes a higher degree of responsibility for the academic services which are provided to you. What are the implications of this change? The implications of the AVP AR position is largely isolated to the VP Academic portfolio. The AVP AR is expected to take a higher degree of responsibility for the academic resources of the MES than the Academic Resource Coordinators were previously able to. This will allow the VP Academic to spend less of their time worrying about running of the MES’ academic resources and can focus more on the representation of the MES’ members to the faculty. In addition, with a more direct structure of responsibility for the MES’ academic resources, you will be able to expect higher quality from the MES’ academic resources, and we hope it will create an environment which brings more positive changes to the services provided to you. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Ian Currie at vp.academic@macengsociety.ca