MES General Election Results

Posted by Liam McDermott - President

Before we get to who won their respective elections, I would like to thank all of the candidates that ran in this year’s election. They gave you a variety of options this year as the majority of the AVP and VP roles had multiple candidates vying for them. This is contrasted by last year’s general election where we had two Vice Presidential Positions have only one candidate run for the position. Although this change can be credited to the change in culture that was overseen by this year’s executive, it really belongs to the candidates. They are the ones who decided to put themselves out there and try to make a difference, not us. We’ll also be holding a By-Election for the rest of the vacant roles so please keep your eyes out for our advertisements for the Mechanical, Management, Electrical and Civil Engineering Rep positions. Before I get to who won, I’d like to describe how the excel file works for those of you who wish to read the breakdown of the results. The file has a spreadsheet for each election. On each of these sheets there is a line that will read as “Candidate Insert Last Name Insert First Name (ID #) wins!!!”, these are the lines that show which candidate won. These lines are highlighted in Yellow on each sheet so that the line can be easy to find as it can be difficult to read and find on each spreadsheet. You can find the results here: The winners are: Department Reps: Chemical Engineering Rep: Daulet Jailaubekov Engineering Physics Rep: Fadia Espinosa Cruz Materials Engineering Rep: Cristina Cindric Mechatronics Engineering Rep: Dan Wise Software Engineering Rep: Rab Abdul Mohammed Computer Science Rep: Youssef Mikhail i-BioMed Rep: Sarah Abdel Beam Rep: Marina Manoraj Engineering & Society Rep: Dziugas Nausedas Associate Vice Presidents: AVP Academic Resources: Terrel Marshall AVP Clubs & Sponsorship: Hawk Yang Feng Yi AVP Events: Erin-Leigh Yusek AVP Services & Production: Yovana Racic Vice Presidents: Vice President, Academic: Alex Moica Vice President, Communications: Roberta Boreham Vice President, External Relations: Amy Gullins Vice President, Finance & Administration: Ian Currie Vice President, Student Life: Aya Aboughanem