Leader: Daniel Sheogobind & Malcolm Craig


Type: Club (Affiliated)

Members: 20


"We Can Do Anything with Nothing", is the motto we run by in MecVT. We are a non-competitive team that works on applying engineering skills and concepts into fun projects that last a lifetime. Fixing and building vehicles such as Carpool III and The Moonwalker are examples of the uniqueness of this club and what we do. We place an emphasis on practical and unique problem-solving in our projects – there’s no instruction manual for what we do, and everything we do is done by us! From a simple oil change to cutting cars to fabrication, we do it all! No skills are required to join our team, we take anybody from any discipline and turn them into gear heads like the rest of the members! Doing hands-on learning hands on is what we are about, and we are looking for anyone with crazy ideas who want to get their hands dirty to bring those ideas to life, or just people who want to be able to say they’ve done simple work on a vehicle. If you want to have some fun while actively learning, come find us at many of the engineering events held around campus during the year!