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Tryouts 1TO3

Do you love McMaster Engineering? Do you love welcome week? Well this is the right place for you. Tryouts are the annual selection process for the Engineering Welcome Week rep team. Applicants can be in any stream, department, or faculty! This also includes BTech, iBioMed and Comp Sci. We encourage everyone and anyone to try out!

If you missed the info sessions, find the PowerPoint here.

Tryouts are going to be from February 8th-10th and all applicants trying out to be a rep must sign up for a time slot on the sign-up sheet in the Junction (2nd floor Hatch). Try and sign up for a time slot on Friday or Saturday!

Below, are some rules to follow for your tryout:

  1. Tryout in groups of 4-6, no more, no less
  2. Arrive in the Junction (2nd floor Hatch building) before your tryout begins!
  3. All tryouts are 15 minutes in length and will include a 5 minute creative portion and 10 minutes of individual interviews. These are strict timelines and your creative component will be cut off after 5 minutes. If you have a video, the allotted 5 minutes includes your setup time. We will have a projector and laptop ready to go. You can bring your own laptop if you wish.
  4. Know where the line is, and don't cross it. If you don't know where the line is ask an old person (graduating Redsuit)
  5. HAVE FUN!

Besides the tryout, you also have to fill out an application by Sunday February 3rd at 11:58pm. To the right you'll find links to the PDF, Word, and online application forms. Please be sure to fill out either the PDF or Word application, print it off and bring it to your tryout. You must also fill out the online form with the same information and submit it before your tryout time. Scroll down for more info on Tryout Pub as well as to find out who's on the selection committee!

Food bribes are welcome, but keep in mind committee allergies! Dietary restrictions listed below:

  • Tommy Siuda: No Beef
  • Riya Suthar: Vegetarian
  • Brendan Tomaiuolo: Vegan & No Shellfish


PDF Word Online
Applications are due February 3rd @ 11:58PM

Tryout Pub

Tryout Pub is the annual pub night where you can have the opportunity to de-stress after tryouts and meet and mingle with the selection committee, graduating reps, and all other people trying out! Happening the Saturday of Tryout weekend (February 9th), tickets will go on sale from The Drain the week leading up to Tryouts. We'll be releasing more information on Tryout Pub in the weeks leading up to Tryout weekend so be sure to follow the MES on Facebook to keep in the loop!

This will be an all-ages event, however if you are caught underage drinking, you will be kicked out - no questions asked.

Meet the Orientation Committee

Card image
Emma “P Sniffer” Rogers

Electrical & Biomedical Engineering IV

Card image
Karlo “CUT.ME.OFF.” Nesovic

Electrical & Biomedical Engineering IV

Card image
Amit “Mating Call Malfunction” Rao

Engineering Physics IV

Card image
Andrea “Home Scents” Obungen

Chemical & Bioengineering IV

Card image
Anna “Christopher Columbass” Lopatukhin

Mechanical Engineering II

Card image
Ben “Daddy D.D.” Torres-Kulik

Engineering Physics & Management III

Card image
Brendan “Frozen Assweats” Tomaiuolo

Civil Engineering & Society III

Card image
Emma “Pee-Flex” Levy

Civil Engineering III

Card image
Jack “M.V.P.” Toller

Mechanical Engineering & Society V

Card image
Lauren “Squatted at Mac” LaValley

iBioMed and Chemical Engineering II

Card image
Matana “Flash Photography” Hendrickson

iBioMed and Engineering Physics II

Card image
Riya “Silenced by $” Suthar

Chemical Engineering II

Card image
Ryan “Stuffed Krust” Schultz

Electrical Engineering & Management IV

Card image
Tommy “Mother Knows Best” Siuda

Civil Engineering & Society IV

Card image
Victoria “Track and Failed” Anderson

Biotechnology IV