MES 2022-2023


Applications Close: Friday, June 20th @ 11:59 PM (EST)

The Appointed Positions on the McMaster Engineering Society are a variety of positions that work with the Executive and elected members throughout the year in order to make sure everything the MES does happens. There is a wide range of appointed positions and the details of their associated policy can be found in the MES policy manual. Learn more about these positions and apply for them using the buttons below!

If you have any questions about the positions or the application, feel free to email the President, Sheridan, at

NEW - Tiktok Coordinator


The TikTok Coordinator is responsible for branding and raising awareness about the MES TikTok. You will act as the creative director of the newest MES social media platform. You will be the chair of a content committee. Reports to the Vice President Communications. 


The Services Coordinator is responsible for overseeing MES rentals/ services  including the Trailer, Walkie Talkies, etc. They also maintain the organization of the MES Office and Hatch Supplies. Reports to the Associate Vice President Clubs & Services.

social media and website coordinator(s) 


These Coordinator(s) manage all the social medias the MES has, promoting MES, Faculty, and external opportunities and news to Faculty of Engineering students! They also frequently update the MES website with new content regarding events, website themes, special webpages, etc! Reports to the Vice President Communications.

graphic designers 


The Graphic Designer positions create all of the graphic designs for the MES for everything from graphics for the website, event posters, and videos. If you like doing graphic design in your spare time, this position is perfect for you! Reports to the Vice President Communications.

plumbline editor(s) 

The Plumbline Editor(s) look after our satirical paper, the Plumbline. This means that they write and publish the Plumbline and liaise with the editorial Committee! Reports to the Vice President Communications.

Chief returning officer 

The CRO keeps us all in check; not only does the CRO chair MES meetings, but they also coordinate our elections, and ensure our Policy Manual and Constitution are up to date! Positions holders must have held at least one voting position on the MES council. Reports to the President.

mentorship coordinator(s) 

The Mentorship Coordinator(s) manage the MES mentorship program and are lead the recruitment of new upper year mentors, the matching of mentors and mentees, and facilitate conversation and support between mentor-mentee pairs by running events and providing outreach content! Reports to the Vice President Academic.

dw lounge coordinator(s) 


These Coordinators take care of our DW Lounge found on the first floor of the Hatch building! Not only do they monitor the equipment in the lounge such as the TV, but they also suggest new assets to make the lounge more comfortable and inviting, and make sure that the lounge is kept clean! Reports to the Associate Vice President Clubs & Services.