MES 2020-2021


What is the CRO?

The CRO keeps us all in check; not only does the CRO chair MES meetings, but they also coordinate our elections, and ensure our Policy Manual and Constitution are up to date! Positions holders must have held at least one voting position on the MES council. Reports to the President.

EXTENDED! Applications Close April 15th @ 11:59 PM

I applied to be CRO this year because of my past experiences on Council. I felt like this was a great way to use my institutional knowledge while helping the next generation of leaders grow! I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with the Executive team to increase awareness about elections.

A Message from Dani Lake, CRO Winter 2020

Being Chief Returning Officer gave me the chance to make positive changes in the community. As a senior member of council, I wanted to encourage and empower the newer members through running effective meetings and elections. It was very enjoyable as a returning council member to see the next generation of student leaders who will carry on the torch.

A Message from Michael Meier, CRO Fall 2019