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Hi friends! my name is Shaniz (She/Her) and I’m in 3B of Automation Engineering Technology. I’m super excited to be running for MES B.Tech. Representative. I’ve previously worked in External Relations for my FIRST robotics team. I’ve implemented several initiatives (board game nights, midterm help nights, etc.) that advocate for student success in B.Tech, both in academics and student life. As a member of the B.Tech. student council (BTA), I’m made aware of the challenges B.Tech. students routinely face, and I’m going to use my position when elected to help break those barriers.

about your platform!

As a liaison between B.Tech. and MES I plan to implement the following:

  • Promote collaboration between department societies

  • Implement improved methods of collecting student feedback

  • Digitize feedback forms, surveys, and several types of data collection methods through accessible QR codes strategically placed throughout campus (ex. ETB, MARC, Hatch, etc.) for students to easily access and voice concerns promptly

  • Routinely update the MES council regarding issues faced by B.Tech. students.

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Hello, my name is Shehab Ahmed and I’m a 2nd year Automation Engineering student. I have taken on various leadership roles, whether it was in academic clubs such as Model United Nations, where I was an executive responsible for collaborating with international schools to attend and arranging a hotel for the conference, or in sports, such as Varsity Volleyball, where I was the captain. These roles have developed my teamwork, communication and social network, which I’ll utilize to address any issues students face, harmonizing the BTech community and creating a multitude of opportunities for students to maximize their university journey.

about your platform!

Idea 1: Bi-weekly Mentorship Programs
Involve students connecting with professors, lab instructors, McMaster alums, and if possible employees currently working in engineering companies. Meetings between the student and the professional should occur at least once a month or depending on the relationship between them and their availability could happen as often as possible.

- Provide students insight about life after university and how to apply what they have learned in the field easing the transition to the workplace.
- Prepare students for co-op terms as they could have insight about how to work in corporate and startup environments and what is expected of them prior to going on a work term.
- Enable the students to see which industry they are most interested in, so that they can apply for co-ops in that specific industry and benefit even more from their co-op experience.

Idea 2: Bi-weekly or Monthly Student Mental Health Survey
Assessing students' work/course load through the semester aims to help students with their mental health.

- In collaboration with the BTech association, we can organize more course help nights.
- Share the replies anonymously to professors in order to coordinate the timings of assignments, tests and projects, so that students do not feel stressed or overwhelmed.
- Give students a greater voice in the BTech community.

Idea 3: Engaging events for all Faculty of Engineering Students
Many students struggle to engage with other students outside their major and thus an undesired distance is created between the students.

- Organize regular meet and greets on campus for all Faculty of Engineering students to get to know each other.
- Plan trips to some engineering companies to portray to students that their majors are relatable so they can even help one another.