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Alexis Moutafis-Tymcio


Alexis Moutafis-Tymcio

Vice President, Academic


Hello, I'm Alexis and I'm running to be your VP Academic! I'm in my second year of Software and iBioMed and I'm super excited to be running for this position. McMaster Engineering has such an amazing community, and I'd love to give back by supporting you through your academic journey here.

I'm very passionate about seeing my peers succeed, both in and out of the classroom. Through my involvement in the McMaster community, I've learned that there is more to academics (and your success) beyond the grades you get; quality of teaching, experiential learning, support systems, and professional development opportunities all impact your student experience. I plan to take all of these factors into account in this role.

Additionally, I already have experience working with academics on the MES, as I'm currently the AVP Academic Resources. Through my time in this position, I've brought back in-person help sessions, increased uptake of the textbook library, and more! I've also become familiar with how the MES functions which means that, as VPA, I'll know exactly how to use the resources at my disposal to accomplish my campaign goals.


Campaign Platform


I've always thought that listening to students' feedback is the bare minimum for any elected position. For VPA, it's especially important, since this role is in direct communication with the faculty and is responsible for resolving academic issues. However, in my time on the MES, I've noticed one huge issue: people are unaware of what the VPA does! If no one is coming to me with concerns, it's going to be hard to advocate for them. During my term, I'd like to increase awareness about but how you can get your academic concerns addressed. 

I plan to accomplish this by:

-Advertising to first years during Welcome Week and Back 2 School Week about the supports the MES provides

-Working with the faculty to inform students in upper years about the academic feedback process

-Collaborating with the VP Communications to post academic updates


Your experience with McMaster Engineering is not just limited to your coursework. However, what will impact you more is how much your school prepares you for after graduation. While this doesn't fall under the classic definition of "academics", this is still crucial to your success in engineering! Of course, McMaster already has a great co-op program, but many first and second years struggle to get their first co-ops due to their inexperience in the field. On top of that, it can be difficult to figure out what you want to do after graduating. I want to develop experiences for students that can help fill in these gaps.

I plan to accomplish this by:

-Developing a mentorship program for current students to connect with alumni

-Working with the faculty on project-based courses to include industry-relevant problems and develop students' technical skills

-Collaborating with the VP External and co-op office to improve the impact of career events and employer workshops


As exciting as engineering can be, it can also take a massive toll on your well-being. Students might be stressed about their coursework, or have trouble transitioning and feeling like they belong, or have trouble maintaining a work-life balance (or all of these at the same time!). Even if you haven't experienced these stresses yourself, it's very likely that you know someone who does. The problem with having so many issues under a broad topic like "wellness" is that it's hard to create a perfect one-size-fits-all solution. The MES doesn't even have the data yet to fully understand the scope of the problem. Realistically, I aim to improve student wellness as it relates to academics during my term.

I plan to accomplish this by:

-Sending out a survey, in collaboration with the MES data coordinators and the faculty, to see exactly what wellness issues students are facing 

-Analyzing the data to see trends between programs/years and publishing a report that the student body can access

-Working with the MES wellness coordinators and wellness professionals to create a long-term action plan to improve issues highlighted in the survey

Vice President, Academic

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