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Ayesha Basu


Ayesha Basu

Vice President, Student Life


Hi there! My name’s Ayesha (she/her, @_yeeesha), and if you haven’t met me from publications (Plumbline, Handbook, Frequency anyone?), musical (I write sillies), troitsky (popsicle bridges have never looked better), chemecar (chemical cars have never run better), greenhouse (stop by Tuesdays 9-12!), or seen my neon yellow winter jacket around campus, I’m in my second year of chem ibio and a fun fact about me is that I’ve showered at every residence except LP. I would love to be your next VP Student Life. Look. I am a student, and I have a life. You are probably also a student with a life. Let me take care of your life!! I am involved in any club or team I can sign up for, so I’ve seen my fair share of extracurriculars and events. I would love nothing more than to support them. I believe that anyone can cook and I’m here to hand you all your unique, personalized chef hats. Let me cook next year, and I’ll help YOU cook all the Michelin Star worthy things you want. I promise I’ll be there to support and listen to you guys till my phone dies and the wifi goes out ;)


Campaign Platform

Arranging inclusive and accommodating events

  • Don’t like pub nights? Don’t want to drink or are you simply tired of the subpar clubs of Hamilton? Let’s diversify the monthly activities we have by adding off-campus boardgame cafe nights, paint or pottery nights, karaoke, movie theater, or gallery visits. You too can be a person of culture!

Promoting engineering fitness:

  • Engineers can sport!! I want to increase the support that engineering teams get for intramurals, and promote activity by hosting Mac Eng Olympics, a new sporting tournament for a chance to earn engineering glory and fame in teams :D

  • Did you know Mac Eng has a wellness committee? Let’s make it more well-known by hosting drop-in hikes, mindfulness, meditation, and healthy lifestyle events throughout the school year for when you need to lie down for a very long while.


  • Improve the club fair we have at the beginning of the year by promoting and organizing it with maps and schedules in advance

  • You may know what’s happening at the Drain this week, but do you ever know what’s going on at the MES? I’ll work with the communications portfolio to create a big-family-MES calendar that can be used to see upcoming events, conference application due dates, mentorship or technical team sign up periods, and more!

  • On the same line of communications, I want to highlight different clubs and teams by giving them a spotlight in our newspaper, the Frequency.

Miscellaneous (aka not in my portfolio but things I’d love to help implement)

  • Clean up the MES linktree + Blue lounge on first floor Hatch

  • Streamline reimbursement wait times wherever I can bc I know how slow it can be.

  • Make SAGM fun for the First Time Ever (decorations, desert, theme it, have a fundraiser raffle, who knows >:))

Answering emails on time:

  • The one pet peeve I will always have is that no one checks their email. This is so important to me it’s gotta be a separate bullet point. I swear to always listen to your concerns and respond to your emails in less than three days.

  • Don’t use email? Feel free to reach out on discord or instagram :)

Have an idea you want to see next year but didn’t see here? Feel free to reach out, I am always open to trying new things ^-^

Vice President, Student Life

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