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Carmen Kalo


Carmen Kalo

Representative, iBioMed


Calling all iBios! My name is Carmen Kalo, and I am running to be the iBioMed Representative for the MES!

I'm super passionate about the iBioMed program, and am looking forward to representing my peers with regard to numerous issues. As I am nearing the completion of my first year, I have recognized where my peers have given feedback and would be happy to represent them in the coming year.

In terms of my past involvement within the university and external community, I have volunteered in numerous community service and leadership roles. I was also the Junior Vice President of the McMaster Engineering Competition this past year. With the experiences that I have had, I feel that I have a strong skill set, effective communication and a solid understanding of improvements that my fellow students would like to see.


Campaign Platform

There are several changes and qualities that I would like to bring to MES. These can be summarized into four main points: feedback, wellness, student success and prospective students.

1. Actively incorporating feedback from iBioMed students into MES meetings.

I would like to implement a feedback form that can be filled out by students in the program prior to each MES meeting. This way, I can bring up any suggestions that do not only represent my concerns, but also those of students across the program.

2. Supporting Student Wellness

Majoring in engineering is definitely daunting, not to mention that the first year of university presents students with a drastic change in lifestyle. The iBioMed program already fosters a wonderful community. I would like to continue to organize events that bring students together, and even allow them to learn some tips and tricks from upper years!

3. Enhancing Student Success

  • I am sure we can all agree that Engineering is challenging. Any program in this faculty comes with a hefty workload that is difficult to manage and every assignment, project or study session feels rushed. The MES provides academic support in the form of help sessions, and I think that it would be great to expand their availability to meet the convenience of students.

  • Creating an official database for first years, and each year of each stream that includes resources provided from upper year students. Such resource drives exist, but they tend to be less accessible and may not always be completely accurate. Of course, these resources would also be of interest to Engineering students.

  • Similarly to how there is an iBioBud Mentor program, I think that it would be great to create a program that matches students for study groups, catering to those who have similar courses and class times.

  • Lastly, there have been issues in the timing of some programs and help/information sessions that are offered. Many students choose not to attend events because they are hosted the day of a midterm or the evening before a design project deadline. Having been affected by this numerous times, I will ensure that the majority of events are delivered at a time that will guarantee a wider turnout.

4. Advertising the Program to Prospective Students

iBioMed is a phenomenal program, but not as widely known outside McMaster. Giving students in the program the opportunity to speak to high school students about their experiences and projects will be beneficial for the program, along with current and prospective students.

Representative, iBioMed

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