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Jonny Hughes


Jonny Hughes

Vice President, Finance


My name is Jonny Hughes, and I’m hoping to be the MES’ next VP Finance and Administration for the 2023-2024 school year! I am in my second year of Mechatronics and Management, and I am very excited to get involved in the MES. I truly believe that I can help students and members of the MES by implementing my goals as VP Finance.

I have experience in financial affairs from both high school courses and the first part of my Engineering and Management degree. I also have experience on my high school student council as the treasurer, as well as experience running various clubs and events throughout high school and university. Many of these events such as Terry Fox Runs, Semi Formals, and Engineering Events have involved creating a budget, and adhering to it while managing expenses and revenues. I think that my past extra-curricular and business experience, along with my current involvement in student life, will allow me to be a great VP Finance for the MES and a strong representative of the Mac Eng community.


Campaign Platform

As the Vice President of Finance and Administration, I am running on a platform that prioritizes efficiency, transparency, and accountability. My goal is to ensure that your student fees are being used effectively to support the initiatives and events that matter most to the Mac Eng community.

1. Efficiency

As a student in engineering, I have seen opportunities for growth within the MES. I believe event co-ordinators and clubs should have a more efficient and reliable way to be reimbursed when planning student events. It is important to have finances that are easily accessible to clubs, and I hope to revise the system through which clubs and students are reimbursed in a timely manner. I will achieve this through prompt email responses and an increase in my office hours.

2. Transparency

I believe in the importance of transparency within the MES. That's why I will work to ensure that important financial records and information are readily available and accessible for students. This will include a clear and concise budget as well as presentations to the MES with digestible information, which will be posted for all students to view. Also, I will have an open-door policy for any questions or concerns from members. This will create stronger connections with other members, so that issues within the council can be relayed more truthfully and solved more efficiently.

3. Accountability

Organizational and personal accountability is incredibly important in any sort of executive role. Whether that is a job at a company or a student council role, it important that those representing you are held to a high standard. I plan on communicating with students in the faculty to find out how the MES and VP Finance can do better. As someone who is involved in various areas of student life, I hope to be able to get better connected with the students and receive valuable feedback on a regular basis to ensure that the needs of all students are being met, and any complaints or issues are being acknowledged and eventually resolved.

4. Collaboration

I understand the importance of working as a team to achieve our goals. I have lots of experience working in different clubs and teams, and I believe I consistently work well as a team member. This will allow me to work well with the rest of the MES Executive Team to make sure all operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

As the Vice President of Finance and Administration, I will work tirelessly to ensure that the MES’ finances are managed with efficiency, transparency, and accountability. With my logistical experience and commitment to the MES, I am confident that we can achieve our financial goals and continue to make a positive impact in the Mac Eng community.

Vice President, Finance

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