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Jordan Classen


Jordan Classen

Associate Vice President, Clubs


Hello Engineers, Computer Scientists, Technologists, Thode rats, and MES affiliates alike! My name is Jordan Classen, and I’m running to be your AVPCS on the MES!

Since I stepped into McMaster Engineering, I’ve spent nearly every waking moment involving myself within as many groups, clubs, and teams as I possibly can – 9 ongoing in addition to conference/competition involvement to be exact! Overall, my breadth of experience provides me with a unique insight into club/student groups' operational capabilities and common hiccups when traversing under the umbrella of the MES and other overarching organizations.

My desire to most effectively serve the Mac Eng community, coupled with my demonstrated passion for community involvement leads me to run for AVPCS. My priority is facilitating and culturing an environment where students are able to discover what makes them tick and strive to their fullest potential. As AVPCS, I would be eager to consistently lift up and empower other students through effective organizational planning and liaising, student advocacy and representation, leadership rooted in ED&I and accountability, all within a spirit of glee!

I hope that together we can build upon the McMaster Engineering legacy and continue to kindle our fireball community to burn brighter and brighter every day.


Campaign Platform

As your Associate Vice President of Clubs and Services, there are various changes and initiatives that I would like to implement into the duties and scope of the role, which include but aren’t limited to the following:


As of now, the entire process for official MES club ratification takes a minimum amount of 2 years – as much as the comprehensive and accountable process allows for the proper management and distribution of MES funds, this could potentially slow the momentum, growth, of clubs that have a proven activity track record seeking ratification/funds. A streamlined process with defined path criteria could enable for a better support base for clubs to get off the ground or receive deserved/needed funding, given their capabilities have outgrown the scope of their non-MES funds.


The AVPCS currently essentially acts as a point person for every MES club and affiliate group on campus – which there are numerous. In order to best serve each club’s individual needs, as AVPCS, I would work to implement a public directory/contact system for clubs to most efficiently get in touch with whoever to achieve whatever, without overloading the portfolio of the current and future AVPCS’ so that they can most effectively aid club’s unique needs.


It’s undeniable that the McMaster Engineering community is filled with more than a bunch of “go-getters” with big aspirations and potential – which could manifest into the desire of starting a new club/team! But even approaching this notion can prove to be difficult. As AVPCS, I would work to develop an accessible sort of “how to” guide on starting and developing your own club in the McMaster Engineering community under the umbrella of the MES. Parsing through the long procedural documents of the MES (of which there are many), like the 108 pages of MES bylaws, just to start a club and have it backed by your own student society is inefficient and can act as an unnecessary barrier to untapped fireball potential. Not only would this lead to new opportunities for students, but given by the demand of increased student involvement, also potentially the growth of funding allocations from the faculty, industry, and beyond.


Currently, the main method of club and society funding accountability and transparency is done through the Semi-Annual General Meeting (“SAGM”) that occurs once every semester. Now, as much as sitting in a lecture hall listening to presentations for hours on end late into the night while eating rotisserie chicken sounds luxurious – sometimes it means that the nit-picks of finances and their weight can get glossed over, leaving students in the dark. As AVPCS, it would be my intent to form an accessible database of the MES’ funding allocations that updates with changes in real time! Through this resource, not only you would be able to know where that little member fee you pay is actually going, but also you’d have the ability to advocate for yourself and through your reps on what is actually being funded.

Associate Vice President, Clubs

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