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Mason Wu


Mason Wu

Vice President, Communications


Hello lovely engineers! My name is Mason and I am a second year Mechanical Engineer. As the VPC of MES, I will create and curate graphics that engage members and promotes the society's activities and events! Furthermore, I will ensure that the MES's branding and messaging is consistent and aligns with the MES's values and mission. Lastly, I will promote a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere throughout MES, with a particular emphasis on creating a welcoming experience for first-year students! Also can not forget, MEME Monday!!!


Campaign Platform

1. I believe coordinating with other society executives and committees is important to ensure that communication is consistent and effective across all areas of the MES's operations.

2. Work alongside the comms team create fun and engaging content for MES. I believe MEME Monday is a great way to create engagement. Typically, MEME Monday generates around <500 likes and <300 shares, which is about 200% more interactions than any other MES posts. Therefore, we can make similar content like MEME Monday!

3. Week at glance post. I believe the MES produces a lot of events and it all over the place! I believe a week at glance post helps not only us, but students a more organized view of the upcoming week.

(I have also talked to some of the current comms members about what can be changed)

4. I will pay more attention to publications section, I will help them to raise more money since we had a money shortage during production. Also expanding the publication section by allowing them to print more than 4 editions if they wish. If possible, I will also recruit people to film videos with publications and take it to a higher level

5. I will improve communication between different sections of the comms team. A problem that occur for ur graphic designers is that when it comes to making "bigger" graphics and following their deadlines (ex. Campaign stuff), it is hard for our graphic designer to keep up. I will have regular meetings for the graphic designers and possibly our client every week to insure our graphic designers have enough time to produce the graphics and less room for miscommunication.

6. I will also change the branding of MES both contains professionalism and EDI friendly.

7. Consistent branding for our website and other social media platform. I want to achieve a distinguishable look, so then everyone can recognize the MES branding at an instant!

8. Possibly an animation team to create some sick animations!

Vice President, Communications

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