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Spring Fu


Spring Fu

Vice President, Finance


Hello there! I'm Spring, I'm your current AVP Events (AVPE, the person who made pub nights happen this year B), and I'm running to be YOUR next MES Vice President of Finance!

I have extensive leadership and business experience - in MES as AVPE and Eng1 representative, but also through my experience mentoring, leading, and founding 5 teams in highschool - in particular founding our school's DECA chapter. As part of MES, I have experience working with large budgets as MES' AVPE, have worked with my portfolio of appointed positions (Sports, Fireball and Iron Ring Formal - formerly Kipling), and have worked to revive MES traditions like pub nights from scratch, for which I was honoured to receive the MES Council Appreciation Awards. Finally, last year, I worked as part of our storefront The Drain's - one key portion of VPF's portfolio, and I have a strong understanding of both sponsorships as well as financial concepts that I'll be able to use to support the appointed positions in my portfolio and ensure operations go as smoothly as possible.

Anyways, shoot me a message on Instagram/email and let's chat! I'd love know you better and hear how I can I best support YOU! :)))))


Campaign Platform

Hold Down the Fort

VPF recently has been an extremely turbulent role - with the heavy portfolio in addition to the pandemic making it very difficult to keep up with as a student leader. With Rosie's (current VPF) work cleaning up the portfolio in addition to the introduction of the VP Internal role, the key job of the next VPF will be to ensure in short that they can keep the portfolio clean, sustainable and in working order all year.

So this means that in addition to ensuring expense reports are filed in a timely manner, they must keep our books clean enough to pass audit and ensure MES receives faculty funding.

Finance for All

While some of us take commerce courses, university students are not well-prepared for the personal finances that we will all face now, and after we graduate. A key initiative I hope to enact with the new portfolio space in VPF is forging strong relationships with community partners and student groups, like PennyDrops to collaborate on practical workshops that students can benefit from long-term.

Security, Contingency, and Sponsorships

In this new VPF role, I hope to increase contingency and security of your information and MES funds. No one wants to wait months to be paid back, and MES needs money… And with VPF being such an integral role, if VPF is out of commission, someone needs to ensure both the audit and expense reports are being completed. Moreover, VPF has access to sensitive information and all of MES' funds, and there's currently the accountability system is the honour system. So, I plan to work with VPI to create a role to support VPF as well as ensure there is security built into the role.

Moreover, we need to start seriously pursuing alternative funding options including sponsorships. With the past three years' worth of funding being withheld by the faculty, it's been a wakeup call that we not only need to forge strong relationships with potential sponsors, but are able to ensure we have funding sources even if anything else happens.

Transparency, Streamlining and Comprehensive Funding

I plan to build upon Rosie's initiatives from this year that include releasing the funding decision matrix, MES Credit Card, e-transfers/online banking in addition to working with VP Communications to create easily digestible graphics for our website, improved decision matrices and working with VP Internal to automate notification and google form populating for easier and more streamlined expense reporting.


Need I say more? I have a cat and I WILL use him to bribe votes :)))) see my website for a preview ( ;)

Vote for me and I can promise Jimmy will become the official MES mascot :D

Any questions, comments or concerns? Feel free to shoot me a message through my email or through instagram (@spring_fu_). See you at the polls! :DDDD

Vice President, Finance

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