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Conferences are a great opportunity to learn something new, whether it’s technical, professional or about a specific topic there’s something for everyone! If you have questions about any conference opportunities or how to sign up for these exciting experiences please email the VP External at Click the button below to sign up to receive email updates about upcoming conferences and delegate applications!

If you’re interested in applying to attend any of the ESSCO or CFES conferences, look out for applications being released on the MES Instagram and website about two months prior to each conference. The application process is straightforward, simply fill out the application form and you’ll be contacted to arrange an interview with the Delegate Selection Committee. If selected, then you’ll be able to attend the conference and have 50% of the delegate and travel fees reimbursed by the MES by showcasing what you learned at the conference. This could be in the form of an article, poster, presentation, or video! Feel free to be creative!


The MES also has an open conference fund, which allows students to apply for reimbursements for attending conferences that interest them! If you’re looking to apply for funding, please fill out Appendix N in the policy manual and send it to to find out if you’re eligible.

 EXTERNAL conferences 


The Canadian Federation of Engineering Students is made of 45 schools in 4 regions; Western Region, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic.

The mission of the CFES is skill development, student representation and sharing information amongst the member schools. There are many professional and student partners that the CFES has made in order to help us gain knowledge as well as advocate for our students. The connections span from Engineering student societies in the United States and Europe, to organizations such as Engineers Canada and Engineering Change lab.

The CFES also has working groups in order to conduct research so that we have quantifiable information to help us communicate the needs of our student body. These working groups include sustainability, international, bilingual and corporate.

Some examples of advocacy that CFES is working on is mental health, co-op programs, teaching quality and accreditation and some of these important issues are discussed at conferences hosted by the CFES in addition to hosting competitions that are excellent learning opportunities. These conferences and competitions include: Conference on Diversity in Engineering (CDE), CELC (Canadian Engineering Leadership Conference), Conference on Sustainability in Engineering (CSE), Canadian Engineering Competition, and Lean Six Sigma

As the CFES has a lot of connections with professional, academic and international partners they really contribute to how we can advocate for important issues.


Engineering Student Societies Council of Ontario (ESSCO) is comprised of 16 member schools from across Ontario. McMaster is a member school which allows us to participate in conversations and direct  ESSCO throughout the year on issues that are important to our students.

The conversations and events hosted by ESSCO focus on advocacy and services. ESSCO works diligently to advocate to many bodies such as engineering faculty deans, the government, and the PEO (Professional Engineers of Ontario) on topics such as mental health, fee changes, EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) and accreditation qualification requirements.

The services include awesome things such as conferences and competitions! Conferences are an excellent way to gain new skills, share ideas between schools and make connections with organizations that support engineers such as the PEO (professional engineers of Ontario) and OSPE (Ontario society of professional engineers). Competitions are a fun way to showcase many different skills alongside the best in the province!

The conferences and competitions ESSCO hosts are: FYIC (First Year Integration Conference) , CALE (Conference on Advocacy and Leadership in Engineering), PM (presidents meeting), PEOSC (professional Engineers Ontario- Student Conference) , OEC (Ontario Engineering Competition) and ESSCO sports tournaments (for example hockey and Esports).

Professional Engineers Ontario- Student Conference (ESSCO PEO-SC)

September 2021

This conference is primarily focused towards preparing upper year students for taking on the engineering workforce, starting to work towards their P-Eng and all the opportunities that are available to them. The conference brings in professionals from PEO, those who have completed their degrees and many other representatives of engineers in the workforce to provide students with a unique perspective on how they can acclimate to working post-graduation. The goal of this conference is to show students the amazing opportunities available for them once they graduate!

First Year Integration Conference (ESSCO FYIC)

November 2021 @ Western University

ESSCO’s First Year Integration Conference presented by OSPE (The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers) is a conference focused on getting first year students involved in their member schools as the leaders of tomorrow and introduces them to the provincial community.

Attendees will expect to be introduced to ESSCO, CFES, OSPE and a diverse area of topics to help inspire them as they begin their educational journey. This conference also provides the opportunity to get to know fellow first year students from across the province!

Conference on Diversity in Engineering (CFES CDE)

November 19-21, 2021 @ Dalhousie University

CDE aims to develop knowledge surrounding the variety of individuals, cultures and perspectives found within engineering communities. Delegates will not only leave the conference with a solid understanding of the issues minorities encounter in the engineering profession, but they will also be equipped to appropriately address these issues to create a more inclusive and thriving community. Students attending CDE will have the opportunity to meet and hear from successful and talented speakers prepared to share their experience and knowledge on how to embrace diversity to better address the complex, interdisciplinary problems of society.

Conference on Sustainability in Engineering (CFES CSE)

February 25-27, 2022 @ University of Guelph

CSE provides an opportunity for engineering students across Canada to discuss innovative ideas and learn from fellow students and professionals to further their understanding of sustainability in the Engineering field. Delegates can become a LEED green associate, take part in workshops and discussions led by professionals, network with people who share their passion for creating a sustainable future, and become educated on the basic principles of sustainability and innovative concepts used in the industry.

Canadian Engineering Leadership Conference (CFES CELC)

January 2-8, 2022 @ Memorial University of Newfoundland

CELC provides students with a fantastic opportunity to meet and learn from other student leaders and industry professionals. This national transfer of knowledge is invaluable, as it provides students with tangible, real-life examples and advice on how to improve their personal and professional skills, their engineering societies and their faculty as a whole. CELC features a wide range of speakers and topics, including professional presentations from our sponsors and industry partners, and student led round-tables and panels that dissect the finer points of running student organizations. Attracting between 150 and 200 delegates from over 40 engineering schools, CELC is a great opportunity to reach out and engage engineering student leaders from every university and field of engineering.

Conference on Advocacy and Leadership in Engineering (ESSCO CALE)

February 2022

CALE is centered around promoting leadership from attendees as well as summing up the work of the current ESSCO team’s term and electing new ESSCO executives. Attendees can expect to take part in elections, meet student leaders from across the province and find themselves inspired to continue seeking leadership opportunities in their member schools. Delegates will have the opportunity to contribute ideas to ESSCO’s advocacy initiatives and develop their own initiatives in a case competition.

 internal conferences 

First Year experiential Conference (FYEC)

September 2021, McMaster University

The First Year Experiential Conference is a conference designed to introduce students in the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster to the many amazing opportunities and resources available to them. Sessions include those focused on Academic Advising, ECCS, CFES, MSU, ESSCO, MES clubs and teams, undergraduate research, entrepreneurship, and mental wellness.

McMaster Engineering Competition (MEC)

November 2021, McMaster University

MEC is focused on allowing students from all disciples of engineering to showcase their skills in a fun and challenging weekend! From design, to debate, to bio-engineering, and much more, there is no other engineering competition quite like this one at McMaster! Winners will advance to the Ontario Engineering Competition, and if successful, the Canadian Engineering Competition.

Leadership Development Conference (LDC)

February 2022 @ McMaster University

The Leadership Development Conference focuses on the development of professional skills to prepare students to take on the engineering workforce. This event will feature student panels, guest speakers and networking opportunities. The skills gained from this conference can help to boost your confidence and professional attitude when applying for co-op and jobs after graduation!