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Meet the Team!


Gaithtry Rameswaran

IBioMed HESE, Level II
Email Gaithry

Hi! I'm Gaithtry going into my 2nd year in HESE! I'm excited to be administrator this year on the MES! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about MES or about iBio, I'm always up for a chat!

new face - Alisa and Sarah.jpg

Alisa Neang

Drain Coordinator
Mechanical Engineering + Society, Level V
Email Alisa

An MES-endorsed swag dealer. Catch me and my swaggy crew right as you walk into Hatch for all your swaggy needs

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-24 at 1.00.57 AM (1) - Abdul Mannan Mohammed.jpeg

Abdul MannAN mohammed

Data Coordinator
Automation Engineering, Level II
Email Abdul

Hello everyone! I am one of the Data Coordinators for the MES this year. I've been a part of numerous clubs here at Mac and thrilled to be a part of the MES and help it to grow & progress. Feel free to reach out at any time with your questions or concerns!

Student OutReach & Engagement

Website Picture - Rebecca Street.JPG

Rebecca Street

Sustainability Coordinator
Civil Engineering & Society, Level II
Email Rebecca

Hi everyone, my name's Rebecca and I'm in my second year of civil & society! I'm super excited to be one of the sustainability coordinators for the upcoming school year to ensure the infinite continuation of engineering at mac, which means making sure the MES is environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable (that's right I took sustain 1S03, I know what the three pillars are, I'm basically an expert). I hope to see you around!

IMG-8114 - Julia Barnes.jpg

Julia Barnes

Sustainability Coordinator
Mechanical Engineering, Level II
Email Julia

Hey everyone! My name is Julia and I'm one of your Sustainability Coordinators for this school year. When I'm not busy trying to make engineering more sustainable you can find me 3D printing, painting, or listening to "Ladders" by Mac Miller.

205CD661-65AD-4FF8-8CC2-7AA3642026D2 - Yves and Rachael.jpeg

RachAel BowMan

Wellness Coordinator
iBioMed & Eng Phys, Level II
Email Rachael

Hi! My name is Rachael and I’m super excited be one of the wellness coordinators this year. I have spent a lot of time learning about wellness and stress relief and I’m excited to work on providing space for you all to decompress. This summer I worked at a summer camp - where I got this sick helicopter photo. I am a big Swifty and am a big advocate for pineapple on pizza. Stoked to see you all around campus and at events!

professinonal photo - Jess A.JPG

Jess Anziano

Sports Coordinator
Electrical & Biomedical Engineering, Level II
Email Jess

I love sports and I love finding nemo

1890C5C1-B1B3-42DE-AFFB-B5972469950D (1) - Leadership Development Conference Coordinator.J

Halima Banuso

LDC Conference Coordinator
Materials Engineering & Society, Level II
Email Halima

Hi everyone! My name is Halima and I’m excited to be one of the Leadership Development Conference Coordinators for this year! Outside of school, my interests include graphic design, writing, musical theatre and re-watching my netflix comfort shows (Parks & Rec, Modern Family, Degrassi, Total Drama island, etc.). I’m excited to host this year’s conference and can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve been planning. I love striking up conversations with new people, so don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any questions about my role on the MES or anything in general!

Omar - Omar Bakr.jpg

Omar Bakr

Internal Affairs Coordinator
Software Engineering, Level II
Email Omar

Hello Everyone! My name's Omar Bakr and I am going into second year Software Engineering. I will be one of your Internal Affair Coordinators this year. When I am not crying in front of my screen compiling code, I'm probably just sleeping or sleeping in Thode. I am looking forward to being apart of the MES this year.

Student Space

1C1B2EC4-FB3E-4E07-8974-3E51C042CD73 - Rayan Mokdad.jpeg

Rayan Mokdad

DW Lounge Coordinator
Electrical Engineering, Level III
Email Rayan

I’m a third year electrical engineering student and I love to crochet, read, paint, and those are just a few of my hobbies that I do for a week then get bored and move on!

Academic Resources

IMG_7476 - Aniket & Tammy_edited.jpg

Tammy Zeng

Mentorship Coordinator
Software Engineering & iBioMed, Level IV
Email Tammy

Hello! I'm Tammy and I'm one of your Mentorship Coordinators for this year. I'm from Toronto and I am in my fourth year of iBioMed and Software. Some things I like (in no particular order) are: hippos, bad rom-coms, bullet-journalling, cake, making powerpoints, musicals, hugs, gen-z animal meme vocabulary, kdramas, and talking in GIFs.

1BB80CF5-3BC3-4B65-A7C9-20FC042B82BB - MES LDC Coordinator_edited.jpg

Ursula Chui

Professional Development Coordinator
Software Engineering & iBioMed, Level II
Email Ursula

Hey guysss, I like to travel, cook, binge dramas and sleep. I do look sleep deprived most of the time but if you do see me around, come say hi :) You can also reach out anytime if you just want to chat!


photo - Annabelle Heys.jpg

Annabelle Heys

Graphic Designer
Civil Engineering, Level II
Email Annabelle

Hi! I'm Annabelle and this will be my first term serving on MES. As a little 'About Me', I like to draw and read in my spare time... and occasionally play basketball as well!

20220725_011304 - Rhea Gokhale.jpg

Rhea Gokhale

Graphic Designer
Engineering, Level II
Email Rhea

I'm turning 19 this year and I'll be living off campus. I'm a martial Artist, specifically Taekwondo, and I'm into learning about new technology!

Angel C - Angel Cai.jpg

Angel Cai

Graphic Designer
iBioMed HESE, Level V
Email Angel

I own an adorable pet rabbit named Evan, I like to draw and play piano in my spare time, and visiting different trails and waterfalls in Hamilton

IMG_A2E3698BAFEA-1 - Mason Wu.jpeg

Mason Wu

Social Media + Website Coordinator
Mechanical Engineering, Level II
Email Mason

My name is Mason and I am in Mechanical Engineering! I am also a tennis and skiing instructor on my spare time! My favourite colour is green (Green apple flavoured stuff>everything). I also have a fish tank where I named all my fishes, snails and shrimps with G as their initial, cause they are all my Gs. I also like to longboard around campus cause I am tired of walking, so if you see someone with a longboard that's probably me! These are some fun stuffs about me and I am looking forward to meet everyone! :)

IMG_6458 - Lucia Lee_edited.jpg

Lucia Lee

Social Media + Website Coordinator
Mechanical Engineering, Level III
Email Lucia

I am a dying engineer wannabe who is doing more than she can manage but refuses to do otherwise. If my resume doesn't look amazing yet I will cry :) Panda eyes and mild insomnia are worth it... but also not. Stay healthy peeps ❤️

photo_of_me - Ria Saldanha.jpg

Ria Saldanha

Social Media + Website Coordinator
Computer Engineering, Level II
Email Ria

Hey Mac Eng! I am Ria, one of the social media/website coordinators for this year. I am super excited to be a part of the MES and connect with people. If u see any bad knock knock jokes and puns in MES pages this year, it's probably mine. I am a nature lover and hiking the campus trails is my past time along with singing.

IMG-7227 - Eric Boardman.jpg

Eric Boardman

Social Media + Website Coordinator
Computer Engineering, Level II
Email Eric

Hi everyone! My name is Eric and I'm in Computer Engineering Level II this year. In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar, and I've recently been learning piano as well! I'm really looking forward to my second year here at McMaster and I'm excited to be one of the Social Media and Website Coordinators for MES. If you have any questions pertaining to engineering or anything else, I'd be happy to help!

672FC2B5-D96A-4F98-82D3-315E73A0BD26 - Adnan Shaikh_edited.jpg

Adnan Shaikh

Social Media + Website Coordinator
Mechanical Engineering & Society, Level III
Email Adnan

Hey everyone my name is Adnan. I’m stoked to be a part of the MES this year and to get to know more people this year at events. I really love to talk to people so if you have any ideas or feedback please feel free to reach out using any social media outlet :)

Daniel_Mattos_Headshot2022 - Daniel Mattos.jpg

Daniel Mattos

TikTok Coordinator
Automotive Engineering, Level II
Email Daniel

Hey Everyone, I'm Daniel, The TikTok Coordinator for the 2022/2023 year. I'm Entering my 2nd year at McMaster for Automotive Engineering (Btech). I enjoy meeting new people and I'm always down to try new things. My interests include Cars, Weightlifting, Aviation, MMA, and Mountain Biking.


Headshot Photo - Frequency Editors.jpeg

Ansh Tiwari

Frequency Editor
Computer Engineering, Level III
Email Ansh

Hi fellas!! Ansh here, Editor for McMaster Engineering's amazing newsletter - Frequency. Mostly struggling to keep up with a number of assignment/project deadlines in a school year, you can find me napping in my free time! Yes, sleep is important and I don't take caffeine. Apart from that, I roam aimlessly around Mac or enjoy the sound-controlled RGB lights of my room with some music and a drink. Cheers!

IMG_2212 2 - Frequency Editors.heic

Adrienne Scott

Frequency Editor
Engineering Physics, Level II
Email Adrienne

Hello!! I am absolutely stoked to be editoring the Frequency this year. When I'm not studying engineering (ew), you can find me in the outdoors, where I love to run, paddle, climb and camp.

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