Exec elections

Nominations Open: Monday, February 3rd, 12:00am (midnight)

Nominations Close: Friday, February 14th, 11:59pm

Information for Website Due: Wednesday, February 19th, 12:00pm (noon)

Campaigning Starts: Tuesday, February 25th, 8:00am

Learn more about running, Information Sessions:

February 4th, 6:00pm – 7:00pm and February 6th, 8:30pm – 9:30pm

Locations: Feb 4th - JHE A114, Feb 6th - Hatch 324

Shoot Your Shot.



Current VP External: Amy Gullins

Why did Amy run for MES EXEC?

I really care about the things the engineering society does for students, not only through the events but I think as future engineers we have things to say and our voices should be heard; the engineering society allows this to be a reality.

What did Amy Actually Do as VPX?

Advocacy is a vague word but through my term as VP External I helped make it clear that some issues that are important to engineering students are sustainability, equity, diversity and inclusion of students and mental health resources at events, in classrooms, always and everywhere. These ideals were presented on a provincial and national level by making a task force to collect data in a report so that in front of deans, professional engineers and government our voices can have an impact.



Conferences, Solving Social Issues, And Networking?


What did ALex Actually Do as VPA?

The VP Academic role is often seen as one of purely representation, liaising with the Faculty in private and public meetings as the voice of the students. However, what you quickly realize is just how interlinked the role is in all aspects of the MES & Faculty, being one of the few roles on the MES that I believe gives you the most freedom to explore your own interests and realize them in a tangible way. My interests lay within making McMaster Engineering more welcoming and providing guidance to first year students – giving rise to the MES Mentorship Program. I wanted to contribute towards student experience in Welcome Week and give them avenues to explore their interests in depth as soon as they came to Mac – leading me to co-develop Back 2 School week and the B2S passport. Investigating equity and inclusion in our Faculty through Equity and Inclusion town halls, helping change the face of Engineering 1 through 1P13, streamlining the MES through structural and policy changes; these are all things the VP Academic role gave me the freedom to achieve, and will be able to offer to whomever takes up the position next year.



Current VP Academic: Alex Moica

Why did ALex run for MES EXEC?

The reason I ran for VP Academic was to better support students in becoming aware and engaged in MES & Faculty opportunities. The resources I wanted to increase involvement in the most were the MES clubs & teams and the academic services both the MES and the Faculty of Engineering offer.



Facilitating and advocating for student success?




Current VPc: Roberta Boreham

Why did Berta run for MES EXEC?

If I'm being totally honest, I had no intentions of ever running for an MES executive. I wasn't really knowledgeable about any of the positions and that prevented me from being a part of the MES in the past. I have always loved graphic design and social media, and when I found out I could apply those things to something that actually mattered (not just some random T-Shirt design for ECE students), I decided to shoot my shot and see where it would take me. 

What did Berta Actually Do as VPC?

I started off by wanting to make the MES "pretty", and that kind of blew up into a whole bunch of different things. Firstly, I revamped the MES website, which is now a WIX Site, so no fear if you have no idea what html is. With the new MES website created, a brand was born; I call it MESupreme. After that, I started working on the major Ad campaigns like Back2School, Oksoberfest, FYEC, and Shoot Your Shot, among many others. It was fun and exciting to re-imagine MES initiatives and showcase my creativity with the community. Along with designing Ad campaigns there was the management of the MES social media platforms, and let me tell, you having thousands of followers is a great time. Speaking of numerical values, the analytics from the website and social media are astounding and really show just how big an audience the MES has. At this point, you may be thinking that VPC is a really shallow role, but ultimately, social media and websites help engage our students. The MES does so much that students unfortunately don't know about, and as VPC, I was able to help improve the level of engagement and interest from our students. As a last note, as VPC I managed a really great team of students who helped with graphic design, public image, social media posts, and website updates. Seriously needed the help, but in the end things went pretty smoothly. 



Student engagement, Public image, And the latest insta trend?


What did Aya Actually Do as VPsl?



Current VP sTUDENT lIFE:

Aya Aboughanem

Why did Aya run for MES EXEC?

I love organizing logistics and planning and wanted to be part of that planning for the MES and to ensure our events are reaching out to all groups. I also wanted to support other students in their initiatives of running a club or an event. And finally getting to work with the clubs and teams and building their relationship with the MES.

I started some new initiatives such as Haunted Hatch in October and the upcoming ‘Share the Love’ for February. I have also supported our social committee to run events led by them giving experiences to run an event they’re passionate about for example the MES Coffeehouse and the Euchre Tournament led by social committee members Dylan and Harsh. New this year is the bus monitor training program where I led training for a large group of bus monitors who help throughout the year for our late-night events. Something we brought back this year was the dodgeball tournament run by our sports coordinators and we plan to have it continue annually. And we will be having our annual soccer tournament coming up end of March! This year, there was an update to the EOHSS system, therefore I updated our form with our AVP Clubs and created new event planning guidelines and resources for our clubs. Finally, with regards to Hatch we started the project locker ‘rentals’ where students can use the lockers in Hatch 2nd floor for course projects such as capstone.



Planning events, student spaces, and clubs?




Current VP$: iAN cURRIE

Why did iaN run for MES EXEC?

I ran for VP Finance last year because I saw a problem that needed to be solved.  The Student Choice Initiative had just been announced, and I knew that this would have a huge impact on the MES, particularly regarding the financials of the organization.  I saw running as an opportunity to challenge myself to rise to the occasion of solving a problem that had not been faced before, and to support the community that had supported me through the past 3 years of my degree.

What did Ian Actually Do as VP$?

With VP Finance, a lot of the things I do sound really boring if they are just described, but what makes it really cool is that I am essentially responsible for running the MES as a business. A lot of the stuff that I have done over the past year are directly applicable to similar activities that are done in real companies across the world, and that is pretty sick.  As VP Finance, I got to experience closing a budget and getting it reviewed by an actual accounting firm; I built a half a million-dollar budget that the MES used throughout the rest of the year; and I organized all of the payments and cash management for the MES throughout the year.  VP Finance has been one of the most applicable things that I have done in regards to preparing me for real life after graduation.

              In addition to the money management that you do as VP Finance, I also oversaw the Drain (the place where you buy MES swag or tickets), any meetings run by the MES, the MES membership changes, and I got to build a sponsorship program for the MES as a whole.  VP Finance is a busy role, but it’s one of the best learning opportunities out there to understand how an organization runs, and it becomes really rewarding as you are central to the workings of the MES.



Managing a half-million dollar budget?