AJ Kourabi

Engineering I

My name is Abduljawad Kourabi and I am running for Eng 1 first year rep!
I was born and raised in Dubai and came here in 2018, where I was quickly involved in the clubs, teams, and local community. I was president of my school’s Model UN team and senior exec at the law society. I became highly skilled in interpersonal skills and communication, and learned so much about leadership.
My platform is going to address many of the issues that we face today as first years. From increased transparency, ensuring no work is behind the curtain, to more refined social programs aiming to refine the lacking social experience we have all had so far due to COVID.
The problems we are facing as students- these are problems we are all facing as a cohort. Thus it is imperative that to address them, a sweeping approach must be taken from the ground up. That approach starts here. It starts now. It starts with you. Vote AJ Kourabi.

You can stay up to date here! https://aj4rep.carrd.co/