Darya Sadeghi

Engineering I

Hello all, my name is Darya Sadeghi and I’m running for First Year Representative for Engineering I. I’m running so that we all have the best first year possible, given the unfortunate circumstances. Since we submitted our McMaster applications, our lives have been a rollercoaster. However, we’ve come out stronger and I want to make sure that every first year is able to thrive.

Through my experiences on Student Government, MUN, Relay for Life Committee, and as president of Trivia Club, I have gained the traits it takes to be a great leader. A strong work ethic, exceptional oral communication skills and an outgoing personality. I hope to use these traits in a helpful manner for the MES.

Although the responsibilities of FYR are grand, they are limited and for that reason I do not want to make any empty promises. That being said, I will use all my power to be the most accurate voice for our year. This includes, helping students find peers in our program with whom they share interests. This way when the time comes to find off-campus housing, you know who you are compatible with. As well as, creating a safe environment for students to open up and receive the help they need if they’re experiencing cyberbullying. Sadly, due to the online working environment, students are subject to more online harassment and I want to make sure that no first years will suffer in silence.

If you don’t want to fear first year, vote Darya for First Year Engineering I Representative!