Ibrahim Iftikhar

iBioMed I

Hey everyone, my name’s Ibrahim, but you can call me Ibra for short. I’m super pumped to be running for IBio Rep this year because I get the opportunity to meet so many cool people within this program! Most people get to know me for my cat :D but besides that, I’m a video game aficionado, and big into guitar and running (away from my responsibilities).

Much like my need to procrastinate, online school isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so (surprise!) the focal point of my platform is to improve our online year. Before school started I wanted to try and make some friends so I started my search on Instagram, then Discord, then Messenger, then IMessages, and even to Microsoft Teams. I came out of it with a headache and nothing to show for my troubles. Sound familiar right?

If you don’t want to get bogged down by this online mess, my platform is the one for you. My solution is simple: one website. This website is your all in one stop for your online needs. It’ll connect you with people who have similar interests and are in the area so you can meet up. It’ll keep track of important info and upcoming dates on clubs and committees. It’ll organize academic and wellness resources from Mac. It’ll even have a virtual complaint box.

If you vote for me, your year will get a whole lot easier, I guarantee it.