Ibrahim Sahi

Engineering I

Sacrifice my own life for Pakistan, my name is IBRAHIM SAHI. First year of university is always bad but this is just depression kerosene. We have a lot of problems so we need solutions. I want to make my life easier, which would mean making your lives easier too I guess.

" IBRAHIM SAHI" @ibrasahirepgang

I hate selling my soul so like, if you want to hear me brag about my achievements check my campaign page (maybe?).

Making online learning smoother and less expensive, socializing easier, help more accessible, innovation more applicable. Removing the fear factor and separating people's ideas/concerns from their identity. Reaching out and connecting with the people we represent instead of expecting them to do our heavy lifting for us.

That's what's going to happen. Accountability? We need protocols. Reassess the workings of representatives midterm. If a certain number of complaints is exceeded, off with their head amirite.

"IBRAHIM SAHI" @ibrasahirepgang

Someone said make a rap video cuz memes win everything. I think that's true, if someone does that they're probably gonna win. But unlike y'all I have respect for the sacred art of hip hop and will not commit such a heinous crime. May 2pac have mercy on us.

Make sure to look at every candidate's campaign. Make sure to vote. Vote using your discretion and not picking the name with the best ring to it. IBRAHIM SAHI doesn't really roll off the tongue unless you're brown.

My campaign pages: @ibrasahirepgang, https://bit.ly/3hwoXyT