Parisha Nizam

Engineering I

My name is Parisha Nizam and I am so excited to be running for First Year Eng Rep. As Rep, I will make sure we receive the proper freshman experience while at home! Combining my own ideas and listening to all First Year suggestions, I will make changes and events that will bring us even closer together as the McMaster Engineering Society. Having classes online is very difficult, we miss on social interactions, dances, parties, and much more. However, I believe with the help of all Eng Reps, we can change that and make the online platform an opportunity to make the most out of our first year here at McMaster. Some of these ideas include movie nights, group game nights, online dances, engineering based challenges, and lots of opportunities for First years to meet each other regularly though activities. On top of that, I will voice out students opinions and push to make a change on various topics such as Textbook and Tuition costs. I have already talked to many First Years on what they would like to see happen and I will be so honoured and excited to help turn them into a reality. So make sure to vote Parisha Nizam for First Year Eng Rep to get the most out of your freshman year!