Ryan Kumar

Engineering I

Hey Everyone, my name is Ryan Kumar for those of you that don’t know me!! I am running for first year ENG REP!! I believe I would make a great rep because I was involved in student council in high school, and I am a very active member in my community. I have attended cadets for the past 5 years. I am an active debater in the Toronto area and have been doing MUN since grade 8. I also sit on my local youth constituency. I do a lot of volunteering such as poppy campaign, kids against hunger, community cleanup, voting polls and many more!! If you choose to support, I will be your voice of concern, and ensure that all our ideas are being heard!! I also want to everyone to have the best possible 1st year experience they can!! Which is why if I am elected, I will do everything in power to make the most of our online school!! I was hoping to bring a lot of virtual events to MAC so that you are able to meet new people and possibly make some great bonds!! Would also like to host a dance for 1st year engineering students, as most of us didn’t even have PROM! Would really appreciate your support!! Please take a look at my full campaign plan on Instagram!!!

If you want the BEST first year VOTE Ryan Kumar✅✅
The Best for The Best✅✅
A Vote for me is a Vote for YOU!!✅✅