Serena Mohabir

Engineering I

Hi everyone! My name is Serena, and I am one of the first year engineering representative candidates for this year's MES election! My goal is to work towards a seamless transition into first year, and ensure that all engineering students feel adequately equipped with the skills to be successful.

Here are some things that you should know about me: I was a dedicated leader in my secondary school and an active volunteer in my community. I love to bake and add to my rock and mineral collection. I have a pet turtle and a twin sister. You can’t tell them apart though.

Our first year experience has been unique and subsequently difficult to navigate thus far.
That’s why it’s especially important to promote a sense of community within this virtual learning environment.

I want to link students with any and all applicable tools- including clubs, offices, committees, and societies- to make student resources easier to access. I believe that a representative should be both approachable and relatable, and I want to make sure that your concerns will be addressed.
As a female student entering engineering, I would like to promote inclusivity and diversity in such a male-dominated field.

I hope that my values align with what you’re looking for in an ideal first year engineering representative, and I look forward to the upcoming school year and getting to know my graduating class!