Tasneem Majid

CompSci I

Hi! My name is Tasneem and I'm a first year Computer Science student. I have always had a prospective vision for representing Computer Science. And running for the MES student representative position gives me the opportunity to bring about positive impact for my peers. I believe that my previous experience will help me stand up to this position. I have consecutively for the past 4 years been an active volunteer, Student Council Member, School Prefect and Community Service Member.

Being an International student, I realize that the idea of online classes may feel overwhelming for some students. And to help overcome this situation, I aim to increase the communication of first year students with our Seniors in the same sector. I will propose seasonal events like 'Introduction to side projects' and discussion panels on 'First Co-op Experience'. I also look forward to proposing the idea of Freshmen Orientation Day for the batch of 2024 and 2025!

This is not a campaign for me. This is a campaign Us- Computer Science Students!
Make a choice. I promise to be your voice!