AJ Kourabi

Running For:

AVP Academic Resources

Hey Fireball Family! My name is Abduljawad Kourabi, and I go by AJ.

I am currently a First Year Engineering rep for Engineering I. I am passionate about leadership through empowerment of others, and I really love reading! I am also working as a research student, specifically looking into the effects of experiential learning on student experience in first year!

I have found my current role very fulfilling; from collecting feedback to create positive academic change, to running previously non existent competitions like a Three Minute Thesis competition- I found I particularly enjoy working in Academic topics.

As such, I am super excited to be running for AVP - Academic Resources! My platform focuses on awareness, empowerment, and breadth.

More specifically, I want to:
Increase the amount of awareness students have of academic resources (Did you know we have a text book library!?)
Partner with more clubs and teams to run help sessions
Expand technical help session coverage (more python, autodesk, etc.)
Expand non-technical help session coverage (Business pitches and presentations)

My aim to create an environment at McMaster Engineering that is more conducive to students that are well-rounded, yet unique in their own way. Feel free to check it out on instagram at aj.4.ar ! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me at korabia@mcmaster.ca