Alex Damjanovski

Running For:

VP Academic

Hey everybody! My name is Alex Damjanovski, and I’m running to be your 2021/2022 VP Academic. I’m running a student advocacy-based platform with the goal of acting as a liaison between you and the engineering faculty, helping you get your concerns heard and pushing for the changes you’d like to see. Routine meetings with the Associate Dean of Academics and Department Chairs will allow me to discuss issues like academic integrity, equitable course delivery and optimal course frameworks for an online environment. In this role I will ensure the voices of students are appropriately considered and that the decisions of the faculty are beneficial and well-informed. I also aim to further the relationship between the MES, the SSC and student research organizations to develop and increase involvement in research and co-op workshops that can give you the non-technical skills you need to excel. And by revamping B2S week, and our tutoring program, I hope to provide first years with the support they need in a very uncertain year.

As AVP Academic Resources this year I’ve had first hand experience with the ins and outs of academics within the MES, and I think this gives me the skills I need to do a great job as your VPA!