Alex Kim

Running For:

AVP Clubs and Services

Hi, I'm Alex Kim and I'm a first year iBioMed student running for the position of AVP of clubs and services.

As a student that participates in many extracurricular activities, I know how important they are to fostering a well rounded university experience. However, in an online environment, hosting and running extracurricular activities have been proven to be quite difficult. I hope to advocate for a quality extracurricular experience in an online environment by promoting clubs in Discord servers and in various student-focused channels, engaging with program-specific social media accounts to further advertise school events and catering to McMaster's diverse student population with an emphasis on cultural diversity.

Furthermore, as extracurriculars also pertain to academics, I would advocate strongly for opportunities that emphasize student success through Proposing mentorship programs tailored towards engineering students, with the involvement of upper year students, Putting students on the right path with student-run initiatives and other productivity-focused clubs like "How to Study Effectively" and "How to Prepare for an Interview" and by including programs for students, run by students, McMaster will ultimately create a symbiotic culture throughout the student body, thus preparing countless minds for the future ahead.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out on any of the platforms below.

Instagram: @ak4avpclubsandservices