Darya Sadeghi

Running For:

AVP Events

Hello Everyone, my name is Darya Sadeghi and I am running to be your AVP Events for the 2021-2022 school year. I am currently in Engineering 1 and am a First Year Rep on the MES. This means that I am very familiar with the MES and what it takes to run events for the MES. This will ensure a smooth transition, as well as more experience on my end. I also have event planning experience as I was in charge of entertainment at the Relay for Life event in my high school. I ensured that over 800 students were having fun for over 10 hours. As AVP Events I want to make sure I reflect our diverse student body as best as possible. This means highly accessible online events that will run at different times for different time-zones, as well as captions available at all events. In the chance that we continue being exclusively online, I want to value the health of the students to the best of my abilities. That being said, I would love to carry out as many “off-screen” events as possible in order to combat screen fatigue while also allowing students to interact with one another. Overall, I take your fun seriously, and that’s I why I believe I will be the best fit for AVP Events.