Isra Zahid

Running For:

VP External Relations

Hey everyone! My name’s Isra and I’m running to be your VP External for next year. As VP External, I’ll be the voice for our engineering society to other engineering schools, student and professional organizations (like PEO and ESSCO), for leadership development and more!

What are my plans for next year? Be your voice to outside organizations through our new and unpredictable school year, increase communication of information and resources to the general engineering community and help you create and foster relationships with engineering students from around the country. Additionally, I want to work closely with the leadership development team to help ensure that you all are receiving the resources and information you want and need to reach your professional goals.

How am I going to make this happen? I’ve been a part of the MES council for the past school year as its Administrator, and from it I’ve been able to learn a lot about our society as a whole, from our goals and mission to what we, as students, want. This knowledge and passion paired with my past leadership experiences as a project manager and current lead of a non-profit organization, I truly believe I can be the voice you all deserve and more.

I have a passion for helping others specifically through helping them reach their goals and full potential, and I want to do the same for all of you; I believe this position is the best way I can do this.