Jake Howran

Running For:

VP Academic

Hey everyone! I'm Jake Howran and I'm running to be your Vice President Academic for 2021-2022. I’m in my third year of Health, Engineering Science, and Entrepreneurship, and I’ve been an active member in the McMaster community since year one. As a medical responder, TA, researcher, peer, and as a friend, I’ve had the honour of navigating some of McMaster’s most unique academic environments. I am also an executive member on iBioMed’s APEx Tutoring Service and on HESE’s first ever case competition committee.

My goal is to amplify your voices in a way that advocates enhanced accommodation, and ensures that whether we are in-person, online, or a hybrid of both, that engineering students will have more time away from their screens, as well as diverse evaluation schemes for their classes. Second, in recognizing that academics are shaped by our identities as they fit anywhere along the spectra of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and mental/physical health, I want to ensure that the MES policymaking speaks to the concerns of all its constituents. Lastly, I want to develop new opportunities for students to engage with industry and research in an interdisciplinary way, by developing events for collaboration with employers and helping students implement their solutions to make meaningful change.

Check out my website at https://howranj.wixsite.com/jake4vpa and follow me on Instagram @jake.for.vpa for more information on my campaign!

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