Kira White

Running For:

VP External Relations

Hey Mac Eng! My name is Kira White and I’m in my third year of iBioMed and Chemical Engineering. I’m running to be your next Vice President of External Relations for 2021-2022! During my time at McMaster I’ve been a teaching assistant for IBEHS 1P10 and 2P03, an engineering ambassador, and an executive member of the Chemical Engineering Club and iBioMed’s tutoring program.

Through my many leadership initiatives, I have developed a passion for advocating for others and ensuring that your voice is heard. As VP External, my goals would include improving conference and resource awareness, student engagement, professional development, and advocating for the concerns of engineering students.

As the liaison between the MES and external organizations, I want to ensure students are able to take advantage of the opportunities and resources provided by ESSCO and CFES. By implementing initiatives to improve communication, I will ensure students are made aware of all upcoming opportunities throughout the year. I want to stay connected and informed on the issues and concerns that are most important to our students. Through town hall discussions and surveys, this insight can be used to guide the VP External’s advocacy efforts and voting decisions. In this position I would also increase collaboration between the ECCS and Leadership Development Committee to plan effective and engaging virtual workshops to help students achieve their career goals. To learn more about my platform, check out my website at or visit my Instagram @kirawhite4vpx!