Laksh Anand

Running For:

Mechanical Engineering Representative

Hey fellow engineers,
My name is Laksh Anand and I am currently in my second year of Mechanical Engineering and Management.I will be running for Mechincail Engineering Deparment Representative position. My primary focus as the deparment representative would be to ensure everyone's voice is heard. Apart from this I also have a few agends that I would like to implement as mech eng rep. Some of them include:

1. Introduce employer of the month concept
2. Host fun events along with MSME
3. Create notes library for mechanical engineering courses.

Check out my social media campaign on Instagram (@votelaksh4mechengrep) to learn more about how I intend to make these changes. I hope my campaign agendas will benefit mechanical enigineering students and help them feel more included in the MES and MSME. Feel free to message me on insatgram or at if you have any questions.