Maria Koutlemanis

Running For:

AVP Events

Hello friends! My name is Maria, I am in my third year of Automotive and Vehicle Engineering Technology. I am excited to be running for AVP Events. In my past few years at McMaster I have had the honour of being involved with teams such as the Bachelor of Technology association where I both lead the team as well as plan and run many events for the BTech Community. I now hope to share my passion and skill set with event planning with the greater engineering community.

Some things I would love to focus on if elected will be inclusivity, communication and feedback. I want to ensure that everyone in our engineering family are represented at all our events. That Behring said I hope to create a stronger connection with the program and stream councils and have monthly meetings with them to get their feed back on how we can make events that fit with their schedules, and liking. I also plan to have a constant form of feedback throughout the entire year where anyone can send in any request or concerns about the events that are planned. If you’re interested in hearing more or have any questions check out my instagram page @mariaforavpevents

Thank you everyone!