Nisheet Kumar

Running For:

AVP Events

I first started my journey by working for the plight of underprivileged children and senior citizens in India by becoming one of the volunteers at Udayan Care. During my association with Udayan Care, I hosted various events to help them with their academics and personality development. For academics, I used to tutor mathematics and programming. As for personality development, I organized engaging stage plays and numerous lessons to teach them guitar.
Apart from this, I was also part of my high school student council for almost 3 years. During my alliance with the student council, I hostedvarious extramural and intramural events like dance competition, instrumentalcompetition and sports tournaments. Therefore ,I learned skills like time management, leadership, team work, stress management and critical thinking. As of now, I am a 1 st year McMaster Computer Science Society Representative.
If I get elected I will try to conduct the follwing events
that will not only de-stress students but will also look good on their resume. 1. Cad Design ,UX/UI Design, Web Development ,Social Media Marketing Workshops 2. Employment Workshops where we will be inviting our own family members and McMaster Alumni who work in top-notch companies to guide us so that we land our dream jobs
3. Prom Nights
4. Sports and Gaming Tournaments where students from other universities can participate.
5. Dance Competition and Instrumental Competition
6. Hangout Week to virtually meet students who are studying in foreign universities. 7. Maybe a food eating competition, maybe.
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