Rosalie Wang

Running For:

AVP Clubs & Services

Hi everyone, I'm Rosalie Wang! Today, I'm asking you to vote for me this weekend, March 6th-20th, as your AVP of Clubs & Services with the Mac Eng Society.

As the point of liaison between all departments, first years, and the MES, AVP CS is a huge role that requires the right person. With my candidacy, I want to empower your respective societies to better serve you!

My campaign is centered around 3 pillars:
1. Using my familiarity with the MES & its bylaws to improve logistical efficiencies.
2. Empowering clubs & societies to achieve more during a time of uncertainty.
3. Ensuring that all services & events can seamlessly transition to being online.

If you support my cause, please follow my campaign's social media (@ROSALIE4AVPCS) and feel free to DM me with any questions. Finally, don't forget to vote ROSALIE WANG as your AVP CLUBS & SERVICES this weekend, the 6th-8th.

Thank you so much for your time!