Ryan Kumar

Running For:

AVP Academic Resources

Hey everyone, my name is Ryan Kumar and I am running to be your Associate Vice President of Academic Resources. I am planning on running for this position because I am passionate about academic excellence and helping others. I actively advocate for student rights at the local, municipal, and provincial levels. I also participate in a variety of volunteer and charitable activities to help my community flourish and prosper.

My experience as a first-year representative has also been quite beneficial as I’m familiar with the council's ins and outs and am aware of what needs to be accomplished and how. I also have a lot of experience communicating with professors and teaching staff about academic standards and addressing students' issues and concerns.

As a part of my campaign, I have eight things I would like to accomplish if I am elected.
Help Everyone Secure CO-OP
Help Readjust To Life Post-Pandemic
Initiatives To Help Students With Mental Health and Other Learning Obstacles
Ensure Everyone Has Access To Affordable Textbooks And Other Course Materials
Equality And Advocacy For Our Rights As Students
Promote Teaching Through Proven And Progressive Techniques
Fun Ways To Prepare For Exams
Organized Study Groups For Each Course In Engineering

I would make an excellent candidate as your AVP of AR, as proven through my strong background in advocacy, academic excellence, and experience within student council. Please look at my website/Instagram to learn more about my campaign and goals for the following academic year.

Website: https://kumarr38.wixsite.com/vote-ryan-4-avp-ar
Instagram:@ryankumar4avpar https://www.instagram.com/ryankumar4avpar/