Sarah Gonder

Running For:

Materials Engineering Representative

Hey there! As the 2020-21 President of the Materials Society, I have been a huge advocate in managing course load with the department, adopting proctoring-alternatives, and creating resources (see and aiding in the professional development of students (creating employer databases, workshops, and interview practice).

I plan to utilize my experiences and insight from this role to unite the efforts of the MES and our department to better ensure the success and reduction of burnout for students within MATLS. Few students within our department know about the resources, opportunities, and decisions being made within the MES. With your support, I intend to:
• Disseminate MES resources to students including tutoring, wellness, and equity & inclusion training
• Build financial and promotional support for department-group-run review sessions
• Publish monthly MES updates and important changes on
• Ensure more students are aware and involved in MES decision-making
• Improve EDI within MATLS by connecting the Materials Society with EDI-focused MES clubs
• Increase MATLS involvement and awareness of technical teams by featuring them on our website
• Connect technical teams with the MATLS department for support and equipment expansion opportunities
• Help advocate with other departments in support of proctoring-alternatives to improve MGMT+SCTY

Continuously, I plan to involve MATLS students through an open google-form to relay questions to the MES, and offer more general meetings with the Materials Society to ensure transparency and adapt the goals of the Materials Representative.

Please email me at or