Terrel Marshall

Running For:

VP Finance & Administration

Hey there! My name is Terrel Marshall and I'm in my third year of engineering physics and biomedical engineering. I'm running to be your next Vice President of Finance and Administration!

I have a proven track record when it comes to working in the Mac Eng community; if I'm chosen for this role, it will be my fourth elected position on MES Council. I spent the last three years serving my fellow students as First Year iBioMed Rep, AVP Academic Resources, and (this year) VP Communications. In other words, I know how the MES works, I know the students and the Faculty, and I know what needs to change.

I'm building my campaign on three pillars: the first is Good Governance. The VPFA is the backbone of the MES, and I plan on ensuring that, online or in person, we have the resources available to deliver the same student experience that MacEng is known for. The second is Streamlining Expenses - I want to move away from our outdated expense reporting system and work with out bookkeepers to eliminate redundancies, ensuring that we handle our students' money quickly and efficiently. Finally, I want to ensure that the MES is ready for the transition back to in-person operations, whenever that should take place. That's why my third pillar is Post-COVID Finances.

Please visit my campaign website at https://terrelcmarshall.wixsite.com/vpfa and follow me on Instagram @marshallvpfa more about my background and my platform. I look forward to serving the McMaster Engineering community for another year, should I be given the honour!