Vicky Robinson

Running For:

VP Academic

Hey! My name is Vicky and I’m your most ironic VPA nominee! My grades say no but my heart says yes, so let me tell you why you should vote V for VPA:
I have two years of MES experience under my belt, having been last year’s first year computer science rep and this year’s computer science rep, so I already know the ropes fairly well in terms of what the MES is capable of and what reasonable change within the faculty looks like.
Additionally, having spent last semester abroad, I know that, for some, virtual uni ain’t it. Time differences, the feeling of isolation… not a vibe. As VPA I would firmly stand for the priority of mental health of engineering students and the fair accommodations of those in varying time zones. If you’ve ever left a Teams lecture feeling like your presence doesn’t matter, or have had to write a midterm at 1am, you will appreciate this part of my campaign.
Finally, I am passionate about making sure all engineering programs are treated equally. I know it can feel like that iron ring is the only thing that makes you a member of the community, but on the MES we know that's not true! Everyone in our Fireball Fam works incredibly hard and I would love to have the platform of VPA to advocate for ‘the little guys’ and show off the skills each program brings to the table while still honoring our ring-getters.
Thanks for reading! And remember: the V in Vicky stands for VPA ;)