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 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

In light of recent, troubling events, we at the MES want to reaffirm that we value our students' uniqueness and diversity, and especially that we recognize the challenges faced by young black students and professionals in our community. We wanted to take a moment to outline our vision for ensuring full representation across all our services and to provide some resources for education, support and activism. Please take a moment to review our statement, which we prepared in collaboration with the McMaster Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers.

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 What is Equity & Inclusion? 

At McMaster, the Faculty of Engineering takes pride in being a welcoming community, and we at the MES think it’s important to make sure that everyone feels equally welcomed and included in our community. Equity and inclusion is important for the MES as it is our responsibility to ensure that all aspects of the MES (clubs, events, policy) are inclusive to all students within the Faculty of Engineering and beyond. We also believe it’s especially important for students to feel included in all aspects of the culture and events at McMaster and to foster an environment of inclusivity for all.

 MES Equity & Inclusion Initiatives 

For the 2020-21 academic year, we plan on continuing to run the Equity Committee that was created for 2019-20, which consists of representatives from all other committees within the MES to ensure that issues surrounding equity and inclusivity are being considered within these committees. We are also currently working with diversity-based clubs in the MES (the Women in Engineering Society, EngiQueers, and the National Society for Black Engineers) to create a new committee to help improve communication between these clubs and the MES, as well as to ensure that all voices related to equity and inclusion are being heard. We are also proud to continue to monitor our Equity Concerns and Suggestions feedback form, a Google form that students can fill out if they have any comments, suggestions, requests, or issues that are diversity-, equity- or inclusion-related pertaining to the MES or the McMaster Engineering community as a whole. This form is anonymous, but students are also free to input their contact information if they wish to continue communication with the Equity and Inclusion Officer about their submission. See below to access our form, as well as a number of other E&I resources available to students in our community for education and support. 

 Student Equity Resources