Your Update for June 2020

The MES Executive Team has been hard at work these past few weeks ensuring that your experience for the upcoming year is as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. With that in mind, we'd like to update you, once again, on the status of our advocacy on your behalf to the Faculty, as well as some initiatives we've been taking on. We also wanted to clear up some questions and concerns about the status of Fall 2020 tuition. Read COVID Communication: Academic Updates II to learn all this and more about how the MES has been working for you this month.

How the MES is handling fall 2020 tuition

We've received a number of messages from students concerned that tuition will be charged in full for the upcoming Fall semester, despite the drastic changes being made in an effort to convert our courses to remote formats. We want you to know that we've heard your concerns, and we've worked with the Faculty, the University, the MSU, and other Faculty Societies to ensure that our students are treated fairly given this unprecedented situation. Read our statement to find out how the MES is advocating for your rights as students. 

Presenting the 2020-21 MES ACTION PLAN: A Message from the president

The MES Action Plan is put together by the MES Exec at the start of each year to go over our plans for the year in respect to Increasing Student Engagement, Fostering Unity within our community, and Improving the Public Image of the MES. We've posted our Action plan up on our website for you to take a closer look, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to president@macengsociety.ca!


Wondering what the Faculty has been doing to ensure the best possible student experience during the COVID-19 pandemic? Check out this comprehensive update on the state of academics in the faculty of engineering, written by our VP Academic, Andrew D'Elia.

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