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How do I join MES committees?

Committees sometimes have applications at the end of the school year for the upcoming year. OR at the beginning of the current year. If you are interested in joining a committee, feel free to email the chair of that committee. All our committees can be found in the Policy Manual.


How do I find out about upcoming events?

All of the MES related upcoming events will be displayed on our calendar


What is the Drain and what do they sell?  

The Drain is McMaster Engineering's very own merch store! It is run entirely by students (the swag squad) and you can visit it on the first floor of Hatch. The Drain sells anything and everything with a fireball on it including hats, flasks, patches, safety glasses, and much more! The Drain is also where all tickets will be sold for Engineering events such as pub nights, fireball formal, and program-specific events. If you have questions about the Drain, contact


When is the Drain open?

The Drain is open 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM Monday to Thursday, and 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM Friday. It is run and staffed by students, so if the school is closed for inclement weather, weekends, or reading weeks, so is the Drain. 


How can I get a Leather Jacket?

Leather jackets are sold twice per year: Once in September/October, once in January/February. Leading up to each sale, there will be posters around Hatch and JHE advertising when you can buy them. On the advertised date, the jacket supplier will come to Hatch and you will be able to get fitted for a jacket, choose your patches, and place your order. Approximately 2 months later, the jackets will be delivered and you will get an email to pick them up at the Drain :)


Can I get a refund from the Drain?

If you bring back unused/unworn /unopened merch with the receipt, we can probably give you a refund. If you don't have the receipt, we can maybe give you a refund, maybe not. It's a case by case basis depending on the item, but we're pretty reasonable! Please note, event tickets are non-refundable.


Will additional tickets be available if they sell out for Pub Nights?

Sorrryyyy. Once tickets are sold out, we cannot open up more spots as we are restricted by a certain capacity.


How can I run for an Elected Position?

There are 3 times throughout the year where elections occur. In September for the First year Rep positions, January for President and B.Tech Rep positions and in March for the General Elections. Applications to nominate yourself are announced just before or during that month. To apply, you have to sign the MES Elected Position Nomination form in Appendix C of the Policy Manual. There will be info sessions about running for a position during the nomination period as well. Feel free to email for more information or glance through our Policy Manual to see what positions are elected! Not into elections? Check out the question below!


How can I apply for an Appointed Position?

Most appointed position applications are released around March. Appointed positions that occur at different times include the Handbook Editor(s), MEC Chair(s) and Co-Orientation Coordinators. Don’t worry, you don’t have to campaign for this. After filling out the application form, you may be invited for an interview with the new executive, then they you will be notified of the results! For a list of our Appointed Positions, check out Section C of the Policy Manual.

What is the MES ‘Card’ and how does it benefit me?

The MES ‘Card’ is basically your McMaster Engineering Society exclusive card to get discounts at some great places! Like Pink’s Burger, Mike’s Barber Shop and so much more! For all the discounts associated with this card, visit the MES Card page!


I started a new club/team, how can I apply to be an affiliate/group/team?

Awesome! To be a group of the MES, you first need to be an affiliate for a year then apply to be a group/team. To apply to be an affiliate, you must email the AVP Clubs ( your intent to apply to be an affiliate and they will assist you with the steps to prepare a motion to present to the MES Council at the next available council meeting. Council will vote on your motion and the AVP Clubs can help you with the next steps whatever the result!


To become a group/team after being an affiliate for at least 1 year, you must let the AVP Clubs know your intent to apply for a group/team. Then submit a motion and presentation a minimum of 1 week prior to SAGM (Semi Annual General Meeting) where you will present your motion to the general MES to be voted on.


What is SAGM?

SAGM is our Semi Annual General Meeting, which is held once a semester (around October for Fall Term and March for Winter Term). This meeting helps get your department/program clubs funding, learn about what the groups/teams are up to, see what council has been doing and witness some democracy! This is a great opportunity to learn more about the MES and getting involved in the MES Council!


What are the MES Policy Manual and Constitution?

The MES Policy Manual dictates the processes and procedures that the MES and its members must follow. It contains a lot of useful information about what the MES does and includes appendices of forms for nominations or reimbursements. An interesting read for sure if you want to be a MES Pro.


The MES Constitution defines the responsibilities of the MES to you, its members, and provides the mission statement that guides day-to-day MES operations and decisions.


Can I attend the MES Council meeting even if I’m not on council?

YES! All Faculty of Engineering students are welcome to sit in on the meetings and see what happens! Council meetings will be posted on our calendar. And if you can’t come, you can always read the meeting minutes after posted here.


What is the Frequency?

The Frequency is our MES newsletter! They publish new editions every semester of what’s going on in MacEng. If you have article ideas feel free to email the Editors at Online articles can also be found here.


What is the mentorship program?

The MES mentorship program matches first year students in the Faculty of Engineering (Engineering, B.Tech, CompSci, iBioMed) with upper year students to act as their mentors throughout their first year! This is a great way to integrate into our community at McMaster and make lasting connections with other first years and upper years alike! The program will be open for mentors to sign up from August 12th – September 1st and for mentees to sign up from August 26th – September 22nd through forms advertised on our website & social media. Make sure to attend our informational sessions during Back 2 School week if you have any questions about this program!


How do I get a tutor?

Learn about tutoring on the Academic Resources page!

How can I get free physical textbooks?

Learn about the Textbook Library on the Academic Resources page!


How can I get my academic complaint heard?

There are many different types of academic complaints, use the following summary to help you categorize your concern and see what your steps should be to resolve it:


Academic Complaints

  • Examples: an error in an evaluation, a professor refusing an absence

  • Resolution: There is usually an established process within the school for dealing with these complaints, schedule a meeting with your professor or course coordinator directly to find a solution.


Procedural Complaints

  • Examples: professor failing you for plagiarism without going through a committee, professor changing an established date of evaluation without reason

  • Resolution: These complaints are related to the rules of the university and require an investigation into why the established processes were bypassed or modified. Let your department head know about the issue or direct it to our VP Academic for further inquiry. 


Interpersonal Complaints

  • Examples: consistently late professor, poor quality of presenting information, cases of racism or sexual harassment

  • Resolution: These issues are related to the behaviour of the individual in question, immediately inform our VP Academic to help resolve the problem and direct you to available resources on campus if needed.


Exceptional Complaints

  • Examples: expulsion of a student, invalidity for physical/mental illness

  • Resolution: These issues need to be brought up to our VP Academic as soon as possible. We in the MES will work as a team to explore all potential avenues and establish a strategy to best minimize the impact for you in these cases.


How do I defer an exam?

If you have missed an exam for medical or personal reasons, you can go to Academic Advising in 3rd floor of Gerald Hatch Center to fill out and submit a Petition for Special Consideration. Submit the form within 5 days of your exam to be considered for writing your exam during the next official University deferred examination period. For more information, visit:


What is the ECCS?

A joint venture between the McMaster Engineering Society and the Faculty of Engineering, Engineering Co-op & Career Services connects students with employers, provides career-planning tools and resources, and provides opportunities for students to gain employment experience. Services include managing the Engineering Co-op Program, planning employment/career workshops for students, inviting guest speakers for career-related information events, taking part in the campus recruitment process for graduating students and recruiting employers to hire students. For more information visit:


What is the SAS?

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides academic accommodation assistance and related supports to students with disabilities at McMaster. SAS is available to assist students transitioning from high school, other post secondary institutions, undergraduate, continuing and graduate students. Services offered include assistive technologies, learning strategies, library accessibility services, notetaking service, and more! For more information, visit: