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 feedback & data reports

what is the data report?

Each year, the MES Data Coordinators conduct a survey for all students in the Faculty of Engineering. The questions focus on engagement, academic prosperity, and satisfaction with the overall student experience. The survey results are compiled into our annual Survey Data Report, which you can read here:

how can i give feedback on the surveys?

New this year, the MES Data Coordinators have created a feedback form where you can provide your input on how we currently conduct our surveys. Any feedback regarding distribution, survey questions, data report compilation or similar topics is really appreciated as we are always trying to improve. Please feel free to leave any feedback related to the survey or data report here:

fill out the 2021-2022 survey

The MES Data Coordinators are currently drafting this year's survey - stay tuned!

coming soon!


If you have any questions or concerns that are not suited for the feedback form, feel free to reach out to our MES Data Coordinators:

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