Meet your Candidates


Jessica Willem


Hi! My name is Jessica, but I like to be called "Jess." I hope to go into the Engineering Physics stream after my first year! I bring a lot of creativity to the table as I have won my high school art award and awards in DECA Virtual Business Challenges in personal finance and fashion. You will usually see me around PGCLL and JHE, especially at the PGCLL Second Cup, so if you see me, say "Hey!" because I love meeting new people!

about your platform!
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My main goals are to establish a good relationship with my peers so that I can accurately advocate for the student body, especially us first years, and facilitate the implementation of your wants and needs. I also hope to, in time, whether or not I become a representative, be a familiar face and friend to everyone! Getting as many people engaged with the MES is another big deal to me so we can grow stronger bonds and establish more roots in the fireball family. Finally, I hope to be a helping hand to others with MES-related questions, as well as any other topics, because I love helping others!

bryson Carey


Hey fellow FIRRRREBALLLLS (rule of three). My name is Bryson Carey and just like you I'm quickly learning that engineers aren't obnoxious, that I love LONCAPA, and I can get from PG to ETB in 10 minutes. Besides my first year struggles I suppose I should tell you about myself. For starters, my favourite food is perogies, I wear a toucan bucket hat everywhere I go, and I only drink chai tea lattes from Starbucks. And finally, the main reason for running this year is because I want to connect with my peers to get to who they are.

about your platform!
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I don't know about you, but my grade 12 year came and went like a blur. With prom, graduation, and exams I had a lot on my plate. The funny thing was that my university application was stressing me out the most. I chose engineering because of how I could make a large change for the better in my community through problem-solving, and collaborating with team members to find the most applicable solution. This ‘large impact’ change that I refer to was so different from what I was used to.

I believe that the cheer that goes: “We serve the word! How much of it? All of it!” is truly something that I want to strive for throughout these next 4-7 years. Now the real question is why wait until I graduate? Luckily the answer is I don’t have to. I can start in my first year as one of three engineering 1 representatives.

Am I qualified for this position? Short answer: yes. Long answer is that last year I was the grade 12 representative at my school, so I played an integral part in all school events, fundraising campaigns, and as a role model for my school. My leadership was recognized when I received the student council leadership award, rotary medalist award, and was one of my school’s co-valedictorians.


Now what am I going to do for you? The main reason behind why I came to Mac was the outreach. The sense of community and collaboration was evident through both virtual events, but also visiting the campus, and faculty itself. Therefore, my main goal is to further develop the community that I have already grown to love. I am so excited to propose and get started on events geared to first years, but also first years alongside their upper year counterparts. For example, karaoke night in the junction (singing the dancing queen), coffee chats at JHE lobby (even though I am more of a tea guy), or even a design challenge acting as another experiential learning opportunity for students.


In addition, I know that the transition to university is hard, especially coming from a small town, or even another country so my plan is to ensure that all first years aren’t only conscious, but actively thinking about their mental health. Therefore I will push for events such as “check-ins”, which are small groups that are simply just there to talk about any issues that students may face as they tackle balancing education and living on their own.


At the end of the day I can only sway your vote so much so instead I want to leave you with something to think about. We only have a few years here. Every lecture, lab, and club that you take part in could lead you to your job for the next 40 years, and every friend, upper year, and relationship you put the effort into could result in the people you cherish forever. So why not make the most of it?

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Maryam Ismail


My name is Maryam and I’m running for this year's Engineering 1 representative! I don’t want to bore you with the fact that I was involved in various leadership positions (like being president of multiple councils throughout highschool) to prove that I am qualified for this position but unfortunately I did just that and thankfully you stuck through reading it! Now for some more interesting things about me, I love late night drives, impulsive adventures and well… boba tbh. So, not only do I bring leadership experience that will benefit the council, I also know what it means to have fun!

about your platform!

Whether you are in or out of eng you must have heard at least one of these sayings for engineering: “oh my gosh engineering is so hard” or “oh my gosh engineers probably have no social life” or even the classical “engineers probably get no sleep.” And although some of those sayings MAY or MAY NOT be true, I know for a fact that the time spent in Engineering school has the potential of being so much more than all the negative rumors you may hear about engineering.


As your first year engineering rep, my goal is to ensure that students have readily available access to any of their academic and wellbeing needs. Let’s face it, entering a new university and having a billion different platforms for even schoolwork can even be overwhelming, let alone finding the many resources to help. I will also advocate for the voices of the engineering students. So what does that mean? You ask. Well, I plan on being the bridge between the engineering students and MES and giving access and resources for students to voice their concerns and implement change with the MES team to better the community and academic journey for our mac eng students.


And of course, I want to bring the fun energy out of Mac Eng by running many different fun events catered to different interests!

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Hi, I'm Raymond! I am a freshman in Engineering 1and I grew up in Oakville, Ontario. Some of my hobbies are playing and watching sports, building computers, and buying cologne. A big regret I had in high school was not getting involved with my school from the start. This is a large part of why I want to become a first-year representative. I will help promote an endearing community within engineering and hope to make some friends along the way.

about your platform!

As a first year in Engineering 1, it became evident how little time I had to pursue my other hobbies and school-related activities. I found that working with other peers allowed me to fill up my socializing needs while reducing the significant time commitment to engineering 1 courses. This may be difficult for first-years, and particularly international students to create these relationships within these courses. There are drop-in help centres which have TAs that can aid students but I believe that engineering students developing relationships with other engineering students are the best way for groups to form that help each other. I hope to create this change by incorporating socializing team-building activities throughout the year exclusive to engineering students with the majority of these activities being hosted at the start of the semester. This allows everyone participating to share something in common and create relationships that are beneficial to everyone. Additionally, Engineering 1 provides students with a general year that allows us the option to specialize in a handful of engineering disciplines in our second year. I would love to implement events held by people within every engineering discipline to explain what the courses are involved in related to that discipline, and how the co-ops and job opportunities are within the industry. This enables students to make an informed decision on what discipline they want to join and factor in other decisions such as whether doing it with society or management is within their interests.

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Hello everyone! My name is Sameer Suleman, I’m running as a nominee for the first year Engineering I representative positions. I enjoy going to the gym, playing basketball and just like many of you, I also enjoy playing video games as well. I’m a results-oriented individual with a passion for getting the job done well and getting it done right. I get along easily with everyone and as your first year Engineering I representative I will make sure that I can connect with every one of you and make the changes that YOU want to see on campus.

about your platform!

​As a first year Engineering I representative, I want to redefine what it means to be an engineering student at McMaster. I don’t just want to accomplish this by planning more engaging events, or by encouraging more fun, recreational and educational projects in certain classes. This will still happen obviously, I’ll put all my blood, sweat, and tears into making sure that it does, but I also want to have something unique that only us engineering students at McMaster can take pride in. Although I’m not exactly sure what this might be, I do have some ideas of my own and would gladly appreciate any suggestions from you all.

I know that we, the graduating classes of ‘26/’27 are some of the greatest minds that the world will ever see. Many of us might go on to cure cancer, invent a safe method for teleportation, or even successfully colonize mars. Whatever the case, I want to support you on your journeys and make sure that you can achieve your dreams. I want to be the person that you can come to for advice, support, or even to vent and voice your concerns. I’m not just your representative, you can think of me as a mentor or advisor, but most importantly you should think of me as your friend, because that is what I am.

As the new generation of engineers, we shouldn’t stick to old customs, it is our duty to innovate and come up with new revolutionary ideas. We are responsible for leaving the world in a better condition than we entered it, and our campus is not exempt from this. If you think that you have a great idea for an event, then I encourage you to share it! A large percentage of wonderful, innovative ideas go to waste (many don’t even get a second opinion!) because people are either too afraid of what the world thinks, or do not know who to share these ideas with! If you think that a course is too hard or you just need help with something else, then by all means reach out to me! I can assist you by either helping you myself or directing you to someone else who can.

Ultimately, as your Engineering I representative, I not only want to plan great events over the upcoming months (such as halloween/christmas parties) and make your courses more engaging by introducing new contests and projects that you’d enjoy, but I also want to make McMaster a better place for us to live, work and study in. I want you to look back years from now and feel a strong sense of pride because you studied here, because I know you worked hard to get where you are today, and will work even harder in the future. Therefore, if you see me as someone you can trust and put your faith in, then I encourage you to vote for me as your Engineering I representative.

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Omar Elsamadony


I am OMAR ELSAMADONY, an Engineering I student. I am passionate about drama and scriptwriting; I have directed multiple short films. I am also passionate about sports, and my position in soccer is goalkeeper. I believe that first year can be both a fruitful year and a wonderful experience for us students. That's why I have many creative ideas in order to best represent you and ensure that your VOICE is being heard!

about your platform!

My platform can be summarized in the following points:

1) COMMUNICATION: Students will be able to express their OPINIONS and CONCERNS electronically. I will make sure to go through their suggestions biweekly and do my best to incorporate their vision of how we can make first year a wonderful year!

2) REPRESENTATION: I will make sure to represent all first- year students within the faculty of engineering. My responsibility is to make sure that your VOICE is being heard.

3) CONNECTIONS: Allowing students to make connections through CLUBS and ACTIVITIES is an important part of my campaign. For example, I will organize first year student teams for the Ratboy Soccer Tournament.

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Marwan Ali


Marwan Ali here, a hopeful Engineering 1 student eager to make his mark at McMaster. I want to use my role as the Engineering 1 representative to help the transfer into the workforce enjoyable and engaging. This will be accomplished by fully understanding the distinctions between the engineering specialties available and the expected work done. Those who are unsure about what to choose for their second year or want to consider various disciplines will find this a great advantage. Additionally, projects will be conducted that link to your passions. Ultimately, they will enhance your resume to elevate summer co-op prospects.

about your platform!

I think I speak for everyone when I say that McMaster has welcomed all of us first-year Engineering students with open arms into the Fireball family. Welcome week was a week to remember with all the action-packed events and free swag. The Engineering students, however, suffer from a void which must be filled. We are overwhelmed by the multitude of specializations available to us. We have so many options to choose from, and our decisions will profoundly affect what we dedicate a considerable portion of our lives to. So it is crucial to make the right choice for ourselves. To fix this dilemma, I plan to organize a service where upper years will clarify each engineering field in detail for those who are curious. To determine if a field suits the students, we may conduct projects that make these upper years passionate about it. Likewise, based on your interests, the upper years may advise students on projects they can work on in their spare time and what resources will help them succeed. The upper years in the co-op program will also share their industry experiences since classroom work differs from what is done on the job. With all of these improvements in place, we may approach the workforce confidently with our abilities and plans for our careers' future.

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Nihal Inel


Hi! I’m Nihal and I am running to be one of your Eng 1 Representatives for the 2022-2023 year. I already love being a part of the wonderful Mac Eng community and want to carry on its traditions. I was a part of the student council as a Grade 12 Rep and co-founded the computer science club in my high school so I have experience representing my peers and working with my team members. A few fun facts about me are that I have lived in 3 different countries, love cats, and love meeting new people!

about your platform!

My platform will mainly focus on the transition to university, outreach and accessibility.

My priority is to make sure all of the Eng 1 students have a wonderful transition to university as it is a big change compared to high school. Last year, while working in the student council, my teammates and I faced many hardships due to covid but still managed to plan inclusive and fun events to make everyone’s transition into in-person school easier.

From the moment I stepped onto this campus, I was amazed by how friendly all the upper-year students were and how cool the engineering community was. I felt so welcomed and included that I wanted everyone else in my program to feel the same way. That is why I want to specifically focus on outreach and making sure that MES events and resources do not go unnoticed by anyone. I want every single person in Eng 1 to be able to find something that interests them and to do that, I will work on reaching a wider audience and promoting everything MES has to offer. I want everyone to have fun while easing into university and not just suffer under all the workload :D

As the Eng 1 rep, I will work hard to make your voice heard and implement what changes YOU want to see. If you have any requests, recommendations, complaints or anything else you want the MES to be aware of, I will be the liaison between you and all other MES Council Members.

Trisha Panchal - Eng 1 Rep - Trisha Panchal.jpg
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TRisha Panchal


HELLO EVERYONE!!! I’m super excited to be running for Engineering 1 Representative! I hope you trust to advocate for your needs (+ wants, those hold just as much value). I was involved in extracurriculars throughout high school, being on the student council for all four years, and even, the music and arts councils. Conferences have also been a big thing, so I have been in a number of leadership roles to aid ages younger and older. I would love to get to know you, so feel free to REACH OUT TO ME through email or Instagram – or find me hanging around at Hatch!!!

Check out Trisha's website!

about your platform!

TL;DR: I am the number one (1) candidate for being your Eng 1 Rep.

The Rule of Three is a big thing for the Fireball Family, so my campaign splits into the following pillars!!!

1. Advocacy: Believe it or not, your voice does, in fact, MATTER! I am not here to let the power of an executive position go to my head. With voting power in MES decisions, I plan to get second opinions from you all as much as I can. Since there are many of us first years, we all deserve a say in what goes with the trust we put in the representatives we elect. If there are any ideas you want to present or issues you wish to bring forth, I will support the changes you would like to see. Many of us missed out on opportunities of engaging in events for a large part of our high school lives. University, even the MES alone, will provide us with many more; hopefully, I can bring some interesting ones to the table from your hands (plus some silly ones from deep in my pockets).

2. Communication: Not to toot my own horn (sorry for the cringe), but I would say I am well versed in this crucial skill. Communication between you all and myself is just as important as my communication with the MES, as I would be the liaison between these two groups! I am concerningly active on a range of platforms, so I am likely available at any time (contact me, and I’ll gladly reply). I will tell you about what the MES has to offer, as it ensures you attend the plethora of events and activities the MES runs (like the Ratboy soccer tournament).

3. Aid/Wellness: I will help you with whatever you ask. As much as we all know that the most basic thing someone running in these student elections could say to gain your trust is: “I am here for you!”; I’ve got to say it anyways, because I do mean it. I haven’t been a first year for long, but the number of times I have received help with open arms from any of my peers has made my respect for you all go through the roof. So, as much as I love taking help from you all (ahem, please help me out and vote for me), I definitely want to give that back! I plan to initiate more chill events for those who are more laid back, and wacky stuff for all you silly people.

4. Free Wi-Fi: I am giving free Wi-Fi. You have to vote for me, or /at least/ reach out to me (and maybe even ask about my campaign) to hear more about it.

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 Amirah Abdel-Rahman 


Hi everyone!! My name is Amirah Abdel-Rahman and I’m running to be your engineering 1 first year rep! I cannot wait to get to know everyone and get involved within the mac eng faculty!! A little about me is that I am always down to have a good time, I have loads of experience being involved with extracurriculars and councils, and I love going on random adventures, and meeting new people so if you ever want to make a new friend, come say hi! :)

about your platform!

Eng is the best faculty at Mac, no doubt about it. It’s because of the great sense of community we have and I want to help be apart of that and foster a great community among all of the engineering first years! I also want to get rid of the stereotype that eng students don’t have time to have fun! As first years, we will no doubt have lots of work to do and there will always be endless material to study, but it’s important to take breaks and have fun too!! I want to ensure that there will be so many opportunities to make ever lasting memories because after all it’s the memories we make in university that we’ll remember, not all the studying we did right? Whether you vote me for rep or not, if you ever want a first year eng student to talk or relate to, come up to me :)!

Computer Science

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I'm an experienced programmer and leader who understands the concerns, interests, and struggles of the computer science student body. I'm a very extroverted person and find fulfillment in seeing others reach their goals. I enjoy learning new things and spend most of my time reading, coding, and as of late, making new friends at McMaster! My short-term goals include taking on new programming challenges and exploring more areas of computer science, as well as landing a summer internship! My long-term goals include authoring papers in machine learning, specifically computer vision

about your platform!

As the computer science 1 rep for the incoming class of 2026, I have a vision for the students in our computer science department.


I want to cultivate a culture of inclusion, collaboration, and genuine friendship. I will introduce changes to make this vision a reality.


The skills gap between experienced and inexperienced students entering computer science is wide. Some enter with no programming experience at all, while others come job-ready. To promote a culture of inclusion, I will host workshops for skills and career development aimed at those from all skill levels. The goal of these workshops is to encourage collaboration and to reduce imposter syndrome which is oh so prevalent in computer science and engineering.


Outside of our field of study, I have a profound love for our student body and those studying computer science alongside me. I'm taking on the responsibility to ensure that no student is left feeling unsatisfied with their choice of computer science as a major. Whether that be due to classes, social life, or employment prospects.


I want to put myself on the front lines of advocacy for our computer science class, both for internal and external affairs.

Bachelor of technology

IMG_5541 - Hani Ahmed_edited.jpg

Hani Ahmed


Hello, my name is Hani Ahmed. I am currently enrolled in Automation Engineering first year and it has been a good experience so far. What I would bring as being part of the MES is my leadership skills as I have been a student rep before as well as acquiring technical skills over the year and developing a strong relationship with the rest of my fellow peers. As I have created two social networks for everyone in our program to communicate with each other and assist one another for course work overall.

about your platform!

Changes that I wish to bring are aimed at ensuring everyone feels comfortable and secure during their time at McMaster. In order to achieve this, we should expand on social media platforms and organize more events as a B.Tech. community, and encourages many other students to join in. I personally feel like I can help coordinate these events with my leadership skills and reach the BTA and B.Tech. student body. Trying to get more people to participate in these events as I have reached over two platforms (discord and Instagram).

20191025_172726 - shaniz shehreen_edited



Hi friends! my name is Shaniz (She/Her) and I’m in 3B of Automation Engineering Technology. I’m super excited to be running for MES B.Tech. Representative. I’ve previously worked in External Relations for my FIRST robotics team. I’ve implemented several initiatives (board game nights, midterm help nights, etc.) that advocate for student success in B.Tech, both in academics and student life. As a member of the B.Tech. student council (BTA), I’m made aware of the challenges B.Tech. students routinely face, and I’m going to use my position when elected to help break those barriers.

about your platform!

As a liaison between B.Tech. and MES I plan to implement the following:

Promote collaboration between department societies
Implement improved methods of collecting student feedback - Digitize feedback forms, surveys, and several types of data collection methods through accessible QR codes strategically placed throughout campus (ex. ETB, MARC, Hatch, etc.) for students to easily access and voice concerns promptly
Routinely update the MES council regarding issues faced by B.Tech. students.

Idea 1: Bi-weekly Mentorship Program

Involves students connecting with professors, lab instructors, McMaster alums, and if possible employees currently working in engineering companies. Meetings between the student and the professional should occur at least once a month or depending on the relationship between them and their availability could happen as often as possible.

- Provide students insight about life after university and how to apply what they have learned in the field easing the transition to the workplace.
- Prepare students for co-op terms as they could have insight about how to work in corporate and startup environments and what is expected of them prior to going on a work term.
- Enable the students to see which industry they are most interested in, so that they can apply for co-ops in that specific industry and benefit even more from their co-op experience.

Idea 2: Bi-weekly or Monthly Student Mental Health Survey

Assessing students' work/course load through the semester aims to help students with their mental health.

- In collaboration with the BTech association, we can organize more course help nights.
- Share the replies anonymously to professors in order to coordinate the timings of assignments, tests and projects, so that students do not feel stressed or overwhelmed.
- Give students a greater voice in the BTech community.

Idea 3: Engaging events for all Faculty of Engineering Students

Many students struggle to engage with other students outside their major and thus an undesired distance is created between the students.

- Organize regular meet and greets on campus for all Faculty of Engineering students to get to know each other.
- Plan trips to some engineering companies to portray to students that their majors are relatable so they can even help one another.



1 Headshot White Background - jordan_edi

Jordan Classen


Hey y'all! I'm Jordan - if you've heard some loud extraverted tall guy in your 1P10 lectures - it was probably me! But in all seriousness, it would be an honour to uplift the voices of our class.

With my extensive international, national, and local level leadership experiences in robotics and engineering governance, equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives, the performing arts, student government, community service and advocacy, and volunteering, I bring comprehensive training, a strong skill set, and a proven track record of effective communication and social and organizational change and improvement.

about your platform!

As a candidate, there are various changes and qualities that I feel are integral to my platform, which I feel can be summarized into three points; Amplification, Student Success, and Accountability.

Community leaders can easily make the claim they’re listening, but there is
often no tangible mode for their listening. As your iBioMed representative, I would
implement regular, organized, open forum events and committees to address your
needs. With this, not only will your voice be heard and effect real change in the MES’s operation, but also you’d gain advocacy experience and skills to utilize in future endeavours.

One of my greatest passions in student advocacy is the advancement of equity,
diversity, and inclusion. Majoring in engineering is already difficult enough, and jumping through so many more hoops in this field as a marginalized person adds an additional load to an already demanding path. To address this, it would be my mission also to create student action groups to amplify the voices of marginalized students regarding the specific positional difficulties and adversities they face. Everyone belongs in engineering, but it is extremely important that we back those words with meaningful action and meet/support students where they are.

In a beautifully diverse landscape, there is one universal truth that we all can agree on:
Engineering is hard.
The heavy workload, time management, and just trying to understand what your instructor is even saying??

This is why it is important not only to continue the academic support programmes that
the MES currently runs, but also to increase their scope and implement new services
as well. Some ideas include but aren’t limited to:
- More events to support students' transition from high school to university, especially considering how numerous changes to learning models have affected students’ pre-requisite knowledge across the curriculum.
- Trying to find help with coursework outside of office hours is tough, especially for “niche” courses. That’s why hosting and creating space for regular, interactive support in the core courses for each engineering stream would be a game changer for those who need extra support but are unable to find adequate resources, or whose timetable conflicts with other courses’ office hours.
- Trudging through coursework is treacherous, and doing it alone for some can suck even more. I believe finding a support system in your peers, academically and socially is crucially important and I feel the MES would be able to give a hand in facilitating these relationships by creating a study-buddy/group matching program!

This part of my platform may be short, but I feel it is vital.
I want to effectively serve the iBioMed and wider McMaster Engineering community. Knowing that open and honest communication is the key to any successful relationship, I am always eager to hear your feedback and suggestions. Please let me know what I can do to serve you better. Together, we can build upon the iBioMed legacy and continue to grow a strong, vibrant, accessible, and supportive iBioMed and McMaster Engineering community.